What’s Your Celebrity Luggage Style?

The luggage we choose to take on holiday says a lot about the way we see ourselves and more importantly, how we would like other people to see us. Next time you’re at the airport, check out your fellow travellers and their luggage, and see which celebrity category they fit into, then work out which of the following celebrities most closely fits your luggage choices.

Daniel Craig

The quintessential British gentleman, actor Daniel Craig is best known for his role as super-suave spy, James Bond. Unflappable in a crisis, smooth, cool, calm and collected, they’ll be drifting through the airport without a hair out of place before jetting off to somewhere exotic like Barbados or Dubai. This is the sort of traveller who just has to smile sweetly and is instantly upgraded to first class – they just look like they belong there. “Daniels” take an understated approach to their holiday luggage, nothing too bling or design-led, and instead opt for classic British styled items made from high quality leather. Most likely to be seen carrying: A luxury leather holdall travel bag.

Tuscany Leather Berlin Italian Leather Travel Duffle Bag 

Kate Moss

Kate, on the other hand, has been at the forefront of fashion for 20 years, and in her world, it’s all about getting seen. You might be a “Kate” if you are instinctively drawn to bright pink or leopard print luggage, and although this may help you identify your bags on the carousel, could it be marking yourself out as a bit of a fashion victim? Kate's are most likely to be heading off to Marbella or Ibiza with their luggage, and need cases large enough for frequent changes of clothing and copious amounts of make-up. Most likely to be seen with: A bright pink leather luggage tag to match their suitcase.


Prime Hide Leather Luggage tags

Angelina Jolie

Yes she’s one of the movie world’s best known faces, but these days Angelina Jolie is better known for her six children and humanitarian work. Any Mum knows that children never travel light, so Angelinas will be seen with their oversized suitcases, shoulder bags overflowing with kids’ toys and snacks, and with a procession of children trailing in their wake. Angelina’s aim is to get through the airport as quickly as possible and counts not losing any kids along the way as a bonus. Most likely to be heading somewhere family friendly like Italy or the Algarve. Most likely to be seen with: A luxury Spanish leather travel bags with lots of pockets


Lecerf Luxury Spanish Leather Business - Travel Bag 

Richard Branson

The Richard Bransons of this world spend their lives travelling through airports, and flying or going on holiday isn’t a novelty for them. They’ve worked out over the years the most efficient way to navigate the airport and are never far from their smartphone or laptop so they can work on the go. Richards usually travel solo, and can be found in the business lounges before catching their flights to New York or Tokyo. Luggage is all about practicality and needs to be large enough for all of their folders, laptops and gadgets. Most likely to be seen with: A luxury leather suit carrier

Tuscany Leather Papeete Brown Luxury Leather Garment Carrier Bag 

Sienna Miller

Hippy chick Sienna Miller is often seen wafting through airport departure lounges on her way to chill-out holiday destinations like the south of France or the Greek islands. This sort of traveller is all about comfort rather than high fashion, and is more likely to pack a pair of flip flops than some stilettoes. Their luggage choices verge on the practical too; they will opt for simple, understated luggage in natural shades of brown or beige rather than something highly coloured or with too many embellishments. Siennas travel light – they’ve probably got all of their clothes for a fortnight’s holiday packed away in their ultra-practical cabin bag, which still has room for those chic little kaftans and jewellery they are planning to buy at foreign street markets. Most likely to be seen with: A leather expandable holdall.


Kenneth Brownne Luxury Brown Italian Leather Expandable Holdall 

Bear Grylls

Wherever Bear’s off to on his travels, it’s not going to be a package destination in the Med. He’s more likely to be found deep in the jungles of Borneo or climbing in the Andes. This sort of traveller isn’t particularly concerned with looks and appearance; they need high quality, durable kit which won’t let them down in the most extreme of adventures. Muted colours are preferred as they provide better camouflage, and Bears travel light, strictly hand luggage only. Most likely to be seen with: A small leather pouch bag


Wombat Hunter Leather Small Travel Bag / Outdoor Crossbody Bag

David Beckham

David’s known as much for his impeccable personal grooming as much as for his footballing skills, so when he’s jetting off to LA or Miami he carries almost as many personal grooming products as he does clothing. Davids can often be seen browsing the shelves of the Duty Free shops for the latest cosmetics, or having a massage or facial in the first class lounge before boarding. Any self-respecting David will have luggage which is classic and understated as he doesn’t want anything which will detract attention from his groomed and honed personal appearance. Most likely to be seen with : A leather wash bag.

Prime Hide Elpaso Thick Brown Oiled Leather Wash Bag 733 

Colleen Rooney

Colleen is most famous for being the wife of England football player Wayne Rooney, but also hits the headlines for her eclectic style choices and voracious appetite for shopping. The Liverpool fashionista is regularly seen jetting off to Milan, Paris or New York to take in the latest catwalk shows and to do a little shopping while she’s there. Colleens are fashion conscious when choosing their luggage, and will look for something distinctive and unusual. They are more likely to opt for a bright red holdall rather than a more subdued shade of brown or black. On their outward journey, Colleens will travel light or even take extra suitcases with them in the anticipation of bringing back lots of fashion bargains. Most likely to be seen with: Luxury red leather wheeled travel bag
Kenneth Brownne Italian Luxury Red Leather Travel Trolley Wheeled Travel Bag