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JOST is one of Germany's best loved designer bag brands and has won countless design awards for its functional yet fashionable leather bags. The brand was founded in 2002 by Dietmar Jost, who has been the creative director at Leonhard-Heyden since 1987. With his eponymous brand, Jost aimed to create a new range of bags for men and women, specifically designed to meet the demands of modern city living. Jost's creations are young, urban and unconventional, made in exceptional designs, leathers and colours. The designs are chic and contemporary with unexpected twists but are functionable above all. They are comfortable to carry and are roomy enough for all your everyday essentials, with plenty of pockets for organisational purposes. JOST bags are made from hardwearing, scratch-resistant leather and are handfinished by talented craftsmen to ensure the quality of detailing. They are then checked by a quality-control team that has over 20 years of experience working in partnership with the Leonhard-Heyden brand. JOST is also committed to ecology, carefully selecting sustainable materials and processes to limit damage to the natural environment. JOST bags are ideal for confident and comspolitan individuals, who appreciate style and quality and who care for the environment. "Undercover agent great for organisation!" With all the different organisational options, the JOST bags are refeshingly functional and unexpectedly cool. Simple, charismatic bags made from soft, full-grain leather; a must-have for the slick city gent. "Underground or in the boardroom, Jost bags look cool everywhere." Jost Vintage range - high-grade oiled leather makes this structured bag range, a must-have for professionals. JOST Vintage bags are robust, chic and very roomy.The Vintage chic messenger bag with plenty of organisiation options is ideal for turning a few heads at work or is perfect for travelling around the city. The Jost Woodstock Urban range made from roughened, robust full-grain leather pull up cowhide leather in classic designs, all with a masculine edge and a rugged appeal.

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