VOOC leather backpacks, laptop bags, business bags

VOOC is a brand for fashion for demanding individualists. VOOC collections combine different styles, including vintage, casual, and the latest trends in fashion. The VOOC philosophy is combining the highest-quality natural leather with a perfect finish. VOOC leather products are made using conventional methods, producing a variety of leather good and finishes. From their rugged Urban,and Ceazy Horse collections to their luxury Prestige range in premium Italian leather. Leather backpacks, laptop bags, business bags and casual style bags all. VOOC Collections The Urban collection is made up of leather bags designed with urban jungle conquerors in mind. Thanks to both classy and trendy design, bags will prove up to the challenges of everyday use. Every bag is made from 100% natural leather. The Crazy Horse range of bags, Crazy horse leathers are made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been buffed and smoothed out. altering the color shades is what causes the antique appearance, great looking bags unique from bag to bag. Prestige Range of business bags, backpacks and crossbody styles made from soft luxury Italian leather. Vintage collection of calf skin leather which as been tanned with birch oil bark to produce a smooth vintage style leather. VOOC has lovely business bags, crossbody bags and backpacks all exceptional quality.

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