How to choose the perfect bag for any festival this year

How to choose the perfect bag for any festival this year

With summer almost here, it can only mean one thing. Yes, that’s right… festival season is upon us. *Hurrah!! * Role on the likes of Glastonbury, Coachella, The Secret Garden Party or Latitude festivals… we simply cannot wait!

Whether this year brings your first ever music festival or you are a regular festival-goer, we’re here to help you prepare to the max. Now lets make sure the basics are covered… you’ve chosen the festival you are going to? You’ve booked the tickets? Great! Now it’s now time to think about what to take with you. Preparation is key after all.

Believe it or not, the first place to start is to find the perfect bag. Once you have that, you can start to think about your essential items to take with you to the festival. Whether you are going to a day or weekend festival, the same packing essentials apply for both men and women. Okay, so us girls may take a few extras, but the basics apply to all!

What sort of bag do I need for a festival?

Whichever festival you’re going to, one thing we know for sure is that you need to make it easy for yourself. That all starts with finding the perfect bag that allows enough space to fit everything in, whilst not being overly large. You don’t want to have to lug loads of stuff around with you and you definitely don’t want to be worrying about keeping your possessions safe. Here are our top three tips we recommend when picking out your bag:

1. Hands-free: You don’t want to be lugging your bag around with you, choose one that offers a crossover or back straps.

2. Pockets: This will allow you to organise your bag easily, to ensure everything is easy to find and most importantly, keep your valuables safely zipped up!

3. Small in size: Don’t take more than you absolutely need to. The best advice is to pack minimal, with only the key essentials.

4. Weekend bag: Should be separate to your daypack. You’ll be keeping this in the tent during the day, so something that perhaps doesn’t look overly glam to avoid driving attention to it.

Ladies Festival Day Bags

Lets start with the ladies, here are our top 3 bags to take to a festival, which we find are perfect for everything you could possibly need during the day.

1. Prime Hide Ladies Leather Crossover Bag These bags were made for festival season! With two front metal chunky zipped pockets as well as more internal pockets, this bag will ensure you have all of your valuables safe and well organised, whilst being bright and fashionable. Whether you want to stand out in the crowd with a statement piece, or have a subtler coloured bag that works with every outfit – you can be sure to find one in our collection.

2. Dimitri Leather Cross Body Patterned Bags Floral’s and patterned designs are in this summer! Take this trend to the max with these super gorgeous calfskin leather patterned bags. The bag sports stylish looks and goes with literally every outfit you could imagine. With a solid clasp on the front, you can ensure your valuables will be safe whilst you dance the night away to your favourite band!

3. Tuscany Soft Textured Italian Leather Backpack Perhaps you fancy something a little sturdier than a crossover bag?

If so, then these Tuscany soft textured leather bags could be just what you are looking for and are so unique to anything we’ve seen on the high street. They are also very spacious inside, perfect if you want to take perhaps your professional camera with you to capture the whole experience!

Men’s Festival Day Bags

Okay, so most men will not see any need for a day backpack. But, the wise ones will consider otherwise! Here’s what we recommend…

1. Dimitri Leather Backpacks The perfect backpack for any festival-goer! These Dimitri backpacks are the best leather rucksacks you’ll ever own. They are very spacious to ensure you can take everything you could ever need on your day out – just in case you don’t make it back to your tent! These backpacks are really designed for performance, they are sturdy and even better; you won’t be able to tell if they get muddy. Ideal!

2. Prime Hide Small Crossbody Bags Cross body bags are not just for women and they can be very useful to hold your phone and wallet to avoid it falling out of your back pocket or getting taken. They are particularly useful if you want to take more out with you like a bottle of water, cap or sunglasses for example.

3. Wombat Leather Sling Backpack Sling backpack’s are back in fashion and one of the most useful styles of bags you could wish for that are built for maximum mobility and versatility. We have several different options within the Wombat collection, from a small wallet style that will keep you money safe, to different sized backpacks, depending on what you want to fit in it. The pouches on the outside are perfect for items you may need during the day, while the zippered pockets can store things like extra layers and waterproofs for those just in case moments.

Festival Weekend Bags

Now, we’ve got you sorted for the day, the next thing to consider is a bag to take for the whole weekend, which you can store in your tent. This will keep things like change of clothes, toiletries and food supplies. We’ve got lots of different styles to choose from, so head over to our website to see more of a selection. Here are some of our favourites…

1. Prime Hide Texan Duffle Holdall



2. Wombat Black Weekend Bag


3. Prime Hide Thick Leather Weekend Bag

We hope you find the perfect bag to take to your festival this year. If you need any assistance, we’d be happy to help. Most importantly have great fun, dance the night away, make some new friends and enjoy all the new experiences and fashion styles a festival brings. We’re not jealous in the slightest…honest!