J4L: Must Have Items for Your Winter Getaway

J4L: Must Have Items for Your Winter Getaway

With the first frost in the air there isn’t a better time to plan for your winter holiday! Escape the cold and find somewhere tropical to while away the days until the sun peaks its head out again.However, you don’t want to go unprepared so we’ve collected some of our choicest vacation items just for you. From hats to travel wallets you’ll be ready for whatever adventures come your way and you’ll do it in style.




Rogue - Full grain Leather Hat Explorer - £48.00

You can’t have a great adventure without a great hat! Keeping you cool in the hot sun these stylish items not only look good but are tough enough to face whatever challenges you throw at them.

Travel Pouches/Cross-body Bags


Wombat -Small Travel Pouch Bag / Cross Body Bag - £65.00

The one downside of traveling is the amount of stuff you have to carry with you. Different currency, maps, phrase books, passports etc. all add up until you’re wishing you had at least a dozen pockets. These cool travel pouches/cross-body bags make carrying your holiday miscellaneous goodies a breeze and look darn handsome doing so.

Passport Holders

Passport Holder With Union Jack Design – Brown - £19.99                                     Passport Holder With Union Jack Design – Black - £19.99

Fly the flag and keep your little friend safe on your travels. Our passport holders aren’t just cool Britannia chic they protect your passport from all manner of slips and spills. Not to mention their unique design will make them easy to find when you’re frantically searching for it at the ticket desk.

Wash Bags



Prime - Hide Black Leather Wash Bag - £32.99                                                     Braun Buffel – Brown Leather Wash Bag - £149.99

While this item maybe a classic that doesn’t mean it’s just for show. These beauts are an absolute life saver when your toiletries are taking over your suitcase. Guaranteed to protect your unmentionables from make-up to cologne this is a much needed accessory.