4 ways to smarten up your image for 2015

First impressions always count so no matter how intelligent or capable you are, looking smart may well seal the deal on that job offer or new business deal you've been hoping for.

Regardless of whether you consider fashion fun and artistic or vain and irrelevant, taking care over your appearance shows that you believe you are a person of note who is worthy of attention. A smart appearance also gives an impression of trustworthiness and professionalism and someone who has an eye for detail.

Bearing that in mind, here are a few tips for smartening up your image.

1. Match your belt and shoes

This is one of the golden rules of men's fashion as a matching belt and shoes always makes you look well put together.

The secret to matching your belt and shoes is to find ones that are a similar colour and texture.

For example, if your shoes are black you should choose a black belt and if your shoes are brown, you should choose a brown one. They don't have to be the exact same shade though, as long as they are in the same colour family. Also, shiny shoes should be matched with a shiny belt and matte shoes with a matte one.

2. Choose a classy wallet and keep it organised

In some situations such as at a bar or when producing ID, the person you want to make a good impression on may catch sight of your wallet.

Gaudy wallets or scruffy wallets filled with receipts and other scraps of paper are an instant turn off. Your wallet should be clean and sophisticated not comedic (or even tragic!).

When choosing a wallet you can never go wrong with a simple black or brown leather design but make sure you keep it tidy. Tidy wallet, tidy mind, as the saying goes!

3. Use a business card holder

When meeting someone for the first time, a slick business card holder makes a really good impression and help you to avoid the embarrassment of fumbling around in your wallet for a business card and getting cards that others have given you mixed up with your own.

Business card holders are small and compact but can often hold several hundred at a time, making your life easier and simpler. At a networking event, they can also be carried in your pocket so that you can reach a card in one slick movement, without having to reach for your briefcase. If chosen correctly, a business card holder can be much more than a convenient place for carrying and storing your business cards. It can also be a style statement. When you take it out, you not only show your organization, focus and professionalism, you draw attention to yourself and your new acquaintance will be sure to remember you.

4. Upgrade your business bag

I am always amazed at the number of interviewees who turn up looking incredibly smart only to ruin their well-groomed image with a freebie laptop case or sports rucksack. The casual style of these bags detracts from the sleekness of their suits and makes them look like sixth-from students rather than sucessful businessmen. So seeing as you've spent so much money on your suit, please accessorise it with something equally as professional. It doesn't have to be flashy, a simple black leather briefcase will finish off your office outfit to perfection.

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