Trends in leather wallets for men

Trends in leather wallets for men

Basic men's accessories don't tend to change that much so if you invest in a fantastic quality belt, wallet or pair of gloves, for example, you know that it will last you a lifetime. Nevertheless, there are still a number of subtle trends in leather wallets for men so here's what to look out for this year.


Material -  Cow hide is almost always the most popular material in leather wallets for men. It's durable yet soft to the touch and can be dyed and processed to give so many different colours and finishes. Exotic skins are also going to very popular. Browsing the latest collections from high-end designer brands you will notice a variety of leather wallets for men made from ostrich and crocodile leather and even python skin. However, these leathers are  expensive and typically very hardwearing.

Above crocodile and Ostrich wallets - check out some more exotic styles 


Style -  When shopping for a new wallet you will find so many different styles including bifold, trifold, noteclip, cardholder, jacket and zip-around wallets. Bifold is the classic go-to wallet style for its slim shape and perfect balance between note pouches and card slots. However, cardholder styles, which accommodate a larger number of cards, have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Perhaps this is due to the increasing number of store loyalty cards we all seem to have!


Colour-  Most readily available colours in 2012 will be black and brown as usual. These colours are classic and will go with any outfit for any occasion. Where you will find a dash of colour, however, will be in the inside of the wallets. The new trend amongst contemporary design wallets is to feature a pop of bright colour in the leather interior.