Time To Choose A Hat

Time To Choose A Hat

A recent South African safari, followed by a walking tour around the spectacular scenery of the Cape was the trip of a lifetime. An adventure that demanded serious protection against the fierce bush sun, and the windy environs of Cape Town. Time To Choose A Hat. Not just any ordinary hat, but practical, lightweight, stylish headgear to shade my face and keep my noggin cool. The answer: a leather Aussie Bushranger hat like the one I’d lost in the Outback a few years ago. A quick online search and I’d found my trusty ally – the aptly monikered Wombat. Tough quality leather.

Check. Wide brim for max UV, rain wind protection. Check. Sexy bushranger chick look .Check. I bought two: a gorgeous full-grain brown leather for the safari, and a softer washable version for my walking and sailing excursions. And as a keen photographer, imagine my delight when I espied a to-die-for leather camera bag: the perfect accessory for an adventure trip. All systems go.

 Wombat Hats


 Wombat Leather

The safari – at the White lions sanctuary at Timbavati – followed by a few days of glamping at Ngala tented camp in the Kruger, was my first up-close-with-the-animals African experience. It was breathtaking and truly magical being a visitor in their territory. The incredible beauty of the landscape and the majesty of these animals was humbling. And I was so happy I’d bought my Wombats! They kept me cool under the harsh sun, warm during 5am game drive starts and magical evenings by the campfire – and dry during a particularly choppy sail out of Gansbaai for knee-trembling shark cage diving. I used the foldable hat for this trip and it fitted perfectly into my kit bag. Not just practical, both of my stylish Wombats attracted a few ‘where did you get that hat?’ comments during the trip.

 Wombat Camera Bags

The camera bag was cool piece of kit and performed very well. Rugged and sexy it has three adjustable interior compartments and two exterior side pockets. Perfect for extra lenses and a flashgun.

In addition to their signature bushranger hats, Wombat also makes a gorgeous range of quality leather weekend bags, rucksacks, wallets and even leather belts. Ideal for a fishing trip, a countryside ramble or even a stylish commute to work, this is great kit at a great price, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Unlike the African sun!

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