The New London RFID Purse Collection

The New London RFID Purse Collection

London, widely considered one of the most stylish cities in the world, is a place where there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Practicality meets understated glamour, and there is an undeniable love for all things vintage. This is epitomised by Prime Hide’s London collection of purses.

This vibrant and colourful purse range has a timeless and old school edge, making it truly one of a kind. All purses are RFID safe, and they are designed with the demands of modern city life in mind, with a wide range of features incorporated to ensure ultimate convenience. This is the most stylish way to carry your cash, ID card, bank cards and alike.

These are the new range of purses available in 4 great multi colours — Black, Red, Green and Purple

6085 The smallest RFID Purse in the range


This purse may be compact, but it features everything you could need, including six credit card slots, two slip/pouch pockets, a small note section, and zipped purse with three compartments inside, one of which is zipped. This measures in at 10.75 x 8 x 3 cm.

You can choose from a wide range of colour schemes, including our black purse with a pink exterior, which looks relatively understated from the exterior, but opens up to reveal a spectrum of blue and purple shades. Perhaps you’d prefer something more striking? Why not consider the lime green colour? No matter what option you go for, exceptional levels of quality are guaranteed and all purses are RFID safe, so your cards will be safe and sound too.

6080 A Book style Purse


Made from real leather, RFID safe, and crafted to perfection, this purse is expertly designed and features a unique multi-colour style. There is something for all tastes; choose from a vibrant collection of colours and be sure that your purse will complement any outfit you wear.

This purse from Prime Hide’s London collection has been designed with convenience in mind. It features a tab opening, with two poppers that allow for expansion, ensuring there is plenty of room to store everything you need. If that wasn’t enough, there are 13 credit card slots, two ID compartments / pouch pockets, and a note section. The purse features a zip at the rear, which opens up to two 14 x 9 cm sections.

6081 Double Flap Purse


Available in a wide range of exciting and unique colour combinations, this RFID safe purse has the wow factor. Not only does it look impressive, but it excels in terms of quality and design too. Made from genuine leather by reputable brand Prime Hide, this purse boasts bold stitching detail and all of the compartments you could need, including a tab opening at the front, with two poppers that allow for expansion. This part of the purse boasts six credit card slots, four ID slides, two pouch pockets, and two note sections. There is also a rear section with four credit card slots, an ID pouch, two slip/pouch pockets. The centre zipped purse provides plenty of space for your coins, featuring two sections of 13.5 x 9 cm.

6086 Large Trifold Purse


Made from real leather and crafted to perfection, this Prime Hide purse does not disappoint. It is RFID safe, made to last, and features a striking design. Choose from a wide range of exterior colours, and open up the purse to discover beautiful shades of orange, pink, teal, and more. This multi-coloured design is one of a kind, and it is just as practical as it is stylish.

It opens via two poppers, which allow for expansion, and it features a trifold design, with 12 card slots, three slip/pouch pockets, and one note section. There is a rear zipped purse, which has two compartments of 13.5 x 8.5 cm.

6082 Large wallet Style Purse


If you thought the exterior of this purse was colourful, wait until you see the inside! This colour-blocking beauty opens up to display a rainbow of shades; the perfect purse to brighten up a dull and gloomy London day.

However, this purse is not just a pretty face; it is extremely practical too, especially if you carry a lot of store cards and credit cards with you, as it features 15 card slots. It’s RFID safe too, which means your card details will not be compromised.

The purse also has an ID pouch, a note section, and three slip/pouch pockets, as well as a rear zipped purse with two compartments, which measure 18 x 9.5 cm and opens via two poppers, which allow for expansion to fit in everything the London commuter needs.

6083 Matinee Purse


This purse from Prime Hide is one of a kind. Featuring a unique multi-colour design, if you are looking for a striking and stylish purse that doesn’t play by the rules, you have found it. From the brightly coloured zip at the back to the multi-coloured card slots, this purse is designed for someone with a personality vibrant enough to match.

The purse has a popper opening on one side, which opens to reveal five card slots, and ID pouch, and a slip/pouch pocket. On the other side, there is a purse section, which has four compartments, one of which is zipped. There is also a rear zipped pocket, which measures 16.5 x 10 cm. RFID safe, attractive and stylish, it’s sure to be a purse you keep for a long time to come.

6084 Small Trifold Purse


This small black trifold style multi colour purse from Prime Hide London collection. A compact design in a gorgeous black leather with a contrasting tab on the opening, a contrasting rear leather and a myriad of rainbow colours in leather on the interior.

Features 9 credit card slots, 2 pouch pockets, ID pouch, note section and a 2 compartment rear zipped purse section. Lovely London Themed gift box, RFID safe, attractive and stylish, it’s sure to be a purse you keep for a long time to come.

Full range of RFID Purses are available at Just4leather