RFID Blocking Wallets - ARE Your Cards Safe Enough?

RFID Blocking Wallets - ARE Your Cards Safe Enough?

In a society that demands financial security and risk awareness, shielding the contents of your wallet is of paramount importance. We are conscious of our internet activity and safety and it is imperative that the same diligence is taken with the finances and documents that we keep about our person. Evolutions in the way that we store and move our most important documents have been substantial and the developments in Radio Frequency IDentification technology are enabling greater defenses against risks to money and identification theft. RFID-Blocking wallets and purses are a superb way to ensure that possessions such as credit cards, passports and driving licences are not accessible to rogues who may attempt to track and steal this information. Buyers of a RFID-Blocking wallet should be aware that styles and capabilities vary and so much be conscious of the standards of their purchase.

The majority of UK credit and debit cards are manufactured with RFID technology built into them, as do all passports issued since October 2010. The RFID chip enables authorities to store and track data in documents such as these. The chip has benefits such as swiping abilities at airport check in or swipe payments with bank cards. The chip enables authorities to access information more quickly and enables the owner the convenience of swift interactions. However, RFID technology poses a great threat to the security of this information. With the chip’s greatest convenience being the speedy accessibility to information, it is no wonder that criminals have found an opportune way to life identities and finances from unwary passers-by.

The development of wallets that offer protection against this threat is an intelligent and welcome advancement. Although RFID-Blocking wallets cannot claim to offer foolproof safety, they do provide substantial security against the risks associated with relying on RFID chip technology. The wallet relies on a piece of engineering called the ‘Faraday Cage’, which in essence is an enclosure that offers a shield using a conductive material. This shield blocks the electric fields by channeling the electricity (in this case, of a RFID chip reader) on and around the enclosure, but not through it.



Prime Hide produces wallets that exude opulence and high quality with the reliability of hard wearing leather and ergonomic focus. The company is now able to couple this fantastic reputation with cutting edge technological advances to heighten the safeguarding of their customer’s wallet contents. With a dependance on security, design may seem like a secondary priority. At Prime Hide, aesthetics are never compromised in the pursuit of safety developments. With high quality manufacturing and exceptionally sourced materials, Prime Hide guarantee a stunning wallet that lasts the test of time whilst ensuring that your fiscal and personal safety is not jeopardised.


With a variety of sizes and capacities, the new RFID-Blocking Prime Hide wallets guarantee to offer the ideal design for each style and security conscious owner. The entire range has the appearance and touch of a classically designed and luxurious wallet. The range of stunning brown and black wallets offers multiple compartments and sleeves, allowing for full efficiency and accessibility.

When buying a new wallet, the greatest focus tends to be the style, design and capacity. Prime Hide have encompassed all of these factors into a truly impressive new range of wallets. Both Prime Hide and their distribution site, J4L, are firm believers in the evolution of technology and its marriage to design. This puts both companies at the forefront of their industry and is reflective of why Prime Hide and their distributor are such well-regarded businesses and leaders in their profession.