J4L lends a helping hand for our furry friends in need

Date: 08-Jul-2014 - Written by Debbie Davies

Every once in a while it is good to lend a helping hand to those who need it. With so many worthy causes to support it is hard to choose just one, however we have been particularly touched recently by The Animal Sanctuary in Dorney, Berkshire who are in danger of loosing their home.


Being an independently run charity and having a ‘no kill’ policy, the Sanctuary has run out of funds to keep the volume of animals that are abandoned and in some cases left tied to their gates. So we have decided to get involved and support the crowdunding campaign by donating £5 from every Wombat Leather hat sold to the Sanctuary.

This really is a very special place where the volunteers also work with the community to educate schools on animal welfare and what to do when you find an injured or abandoned animal. The Animal Sanctuary in Dorney also acts as a place of therapy for those with special needs and mental health illnesses.

With all the giving they do, it is time to help give back so please buy a Wombat Leather Hat today with the knowledge that you are lending a helping hand to our furry friends too.


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