How to repair scratches and tears in your favourite leather accessories

Leather is an ideal material for wallets, purses and bags. It’s stylish and luxurious but also waterproof and durable. However, despite the hardwearing nature of leather accessories, some damage is inevitable so here’s our guide on how to repair your leather accessories.

How to repair scratches

Scratches are the most frequent kind of damage found on leather wallets, purses and bags. If the scratches are light it may be possible to cover them up with a leather dye. Deeper scratches will require more immediate attention. If left, they may widen and the leather may tear. To repair these you will need a leather repair kit. Leather repair kits usually include a liquid adhesive in several colours, grain paper and a heat applicator. First of all choose a liquid adhesive that best matches the colour of your leather wallet, purse or bag and apply it evenly to the scratch. You might find it helpful to use a toothpick for this. Next choose a grain paper that most resembles the grain of your item and place it over the scratch you have repaired. Then using the heat applicator heat the grain paper. This will enable the adhesive to bond well with the surface of the leather. Finally leave it to cool.

How to repair tears

Give your wallet, purse or bag a through clean with a leather cleanser and allow it to dry. This is necessary because any dirt or oil on the surface may prevent the glue from sticking properly. Apply the glue to the seam where the leather has torn. You may need someone to hold the leather taught while you apply the glue. When the glue has dried, take a piece of fine sandpaper and remove any excess glue. You will need to be very careful when doing this; otherwise you may scratch the leather. Clean the area again with a leather cleanser to ensure all excess glue has been removed then allow to dry.