Hooray for the Gladstone Bag

Hooray for the Gladstone Bag
Once the gentleman's working companion, the Gladstone bag or doctor's bag has now become one of the most popular women's accessories of the moment. Beyond the androgynous menswear trend that's been dominating the catwalks for the last few years now, the Gladstone bag is a classic, functional and elegant piece. If there's one handbag style worth investing in this year, it's the Gladstone bag.


Most of us women carry around our entire lives within a few strips of leather which have gradually getting larger and larger! It seems we just cannot leave the house without spare toiletries, various technological devices or even a spare pair of shoes if our feet start to hurt. This makes the oversized, box-shaped Gladstone bag a welcome accessory for any busy woman. More than just another statement accessory, the Gladstone bag is practical, structured bag that can accommodate all the things that a modern woman needs.


The Gladstone bag, or doctor’s bag as it is also known, dates back to the 19th century when it was typically carried by men in mainstream professions such as doctors, lawyers, electricians and plumbers. Because of its shape and size, the Gladstone bag was considered a more practical and convenient alternative to a traditional suitcase and was frequently used for overnight rail journeys. It was lightweight, easy to carry around in busy public places and very spacious. Despite its compact size, the design of the bag meant that there was more than enough room to hold tools, papers and a spare set of clothes.


Over time the Gladstone bag became a popular style of luggage for all but doctors continued to carry more compact versions. Fashion houses have added luxurious touches such as fine leather, silk trimmings and studded metallic features to turn this working bag into a luxury fashion item. The Gladstone bag returned to the forefront of fashion several seasons ago but has made an even greater appearance in this year’s autumn/winter 2012-2013.


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