Halloween Cool at J4L

Halloween Cool at J4L

Good evening, cats and kittens, it’s the night to do very bad things, so why not look wicked doing them? Here at J4L we have some decadently cool accessories that no sharp dressed devil would do without. So show some sympathy and some taste as you peruse our wears, good for any occasion but better at night – dancing in the pale moonlight optional.

Red Real Sea Snake Skin Men’s Designer Wallet - £89.00

Tempting as the serpent in the Garden of Eden and the red of a succulent apple our real snake skin wallet is a steal at half the price. Best paired with a sharp suit and an unsavoury location.

Wombat Rugged Range Men’s Distressed Blue Leather Belt - £24.99


Stand out from the crowd and add a little blue steel to your wardrobe. This distressed leather belt is for the man not bound by society’s rules of black or brown. Wear it with swagger.

Kenneth Brownne Red Italian Leather Stylish Cross Body Bag - £49.99

Fancy a wanton night painting the town red? Then ladies allow me to introduce you to this Italian number, perfect with that little black dress. Go on, enjoy yourself, it’s not as late as you think.

Wombat Ladies Berry and Multi Colour Leather Wallet Purse "Berry Blast" - £21.95

Sweet as sin and twice as pretty is this pink purse. It’s large enough to carry all your valuables and yet discreet enough to hide when it’s your round. You’ll find it works well with colourful, casual outfits.

Full Grain Leather Hat from Wombat- £40

Whether you’ll be cheating at cards or cattle rustling this limited edition cowboy hat is suitable for all sorts of dark adventures. Combine with some distressed jeans and a flashy belt buckle for a look that will knock the whole saloon dead.

Tassia Luxury Small Brown Italian Leather Holdall - Travel Bag - £199.00

Need to get out of town fast? Whether you’re wearing wedding attire or just your underwear this luxury leather holdall is what you need when you want to get away quickly with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of style.

Of course my fine, stylish friends this is just a small taste, a little sugar if you will, of the many exotic items we have for you. Why not come to www.just4leather.co.uk and let us tempt you? Go on, click on the link, your boss isn’t around, your partner is busy and the children are fine. Click. It will be our little secret…