BRAND OF THE WEEK - DUDU BAGS, Colourful Collection

BRAND OF THE WEEK - DUDU BAGS, Colourful Collection

Just4Leather as we have recently launched 2 wonderful new labels, one of which is DUDU BAGS!

DUDU BAGS is a family run Italian brand who’s expertise in not only producing the finest leathers but also their craftsmanship, that in turn provides us, their customer with timeless, season-less beautiful bags.

We are delighted to launch DUDU BAGS as we know you love your leather and we do too - and the DUDU BAGS collection ranges from really gorgeous timeless vintage leather bags, to classic bags for the office, as well as their stunning colourful collection that brings a sense of smart-casual-weekend everyday dressing available in a multitude of colours.

With such a wonderful breadth of offer this article purely focusses on the DUDU BAGS Colourful leather collection.

DUDU BAGS excel with their Colourful Collection because not many bag brands, in particular leather bag brands can get this right. The colour choices have to be right for the leather used as colour and grain of leather can give a totally different look if not carefully planned, and even further, the style of bag must not only suit the chosen grain but also must compliment the style of bag it is designed for.

DUDU BAGS Colourful collection takes care of all of the above for us, and we are simply left to pick and choose the right colour option for us.


The Colourful Collection offers 5 styles across a total of 30 colour options.

There really is something here for everyone in this collection and each style is deliberately designed to show off the colours.

A totally fun collection, suitable for all ages and customers types; be it the office girl who prefers a more conservative darker outer but a splash of colour inside, the woman who wants to coordinate their outfit or occasion to the bag, or use them as your essential holiday bag!

The entire collection stems around bold and bright colours as well as soft neutrals, blacks and browns and really to show this off well the key shape is the crossbody.

The Travel Purse is your essential travel companion. Wear it as a cross body and add a splash of colour to your outfit, or travels or simply conceal it under your coat. Designed to be inoffensive, it is a flat purse which comes with an outer zippered pocket for loose change for example. Available in 4 colours.

The Bioko cross body is probably the cutest, dinkiest bag you will find, packed with plenty of character! Featuring a popper fastened far over this delightful little bag actually houses 3 equal sized compartments; the central one has a zippered closure. The front also has a wallet pocket as does the back. It comes complete with a detachable wrist band also carrying the complimentary colours of the bag. Available in 8 super colours.

The Togean cross body bag is the bag for those who prefer a little more simplicity in design. There are no flap overs or visible pockets on the outside, the design is kept clean. The main compartment is the size of the whole bag and within it, you will find a multi coloured stepped credit card panel. On the outside conveniently hidden at the back are two contrasting coloured slip pockets with zipper fastening. Despite a cleaner design, DUDU bags have cleverly kept the multi coloured effect by use of panelling. Available in 6 colours.

The latter 2 crossbody designs we can offer you are flap over iconic styles and they can be worn more as a shoulder bag.

Firstly the single compartment bag. Featuring a luxury flap over front trimmed with a square gem, the inside opens into one main compartment. Simple and clean in design, and perfect if you prefer to carry a bag on your shoulder but without any bulk. Available in 6 colours.

Secondly it is Flores, the triple compartment bag that again can be worn on the shoulder.

This is more suited if you prefer a little more organisation to your belongings as it will not give any bulk but it comprises of three slim compartments. The central compartment has a multicoloured stepped credit card section for your essential cards. The back compartment has added security of a zippered pocket.

All of the Colourful Collection are made from the finest Italian soft calfskin leather. The contrast of the cream topstitching against the colours is meticulously done and really shows off the attention to detail in the DUDU BAGS.

We hope you find a colour to suit your taste and do feedback on what shape(s) you prefer so that we can continue to offer the best for you from the DUDU range!