Bags for the serious student

Bags for the serious student

Starting a new phase in education is exciting and sometimes a bit nerve wracking so it’s a good idea to know that you look the part so you can walk into your first lesson or lecture with a spring in your step.

One way to be both stylish and practical is to arrive with the right kind of bag on your shoulder. An item you’ll need at all times in your life, a bag is always going to be the central accessory to any outfit, event or situation you’ll encounter. Whether you’re starting secondary school, sixth form college or university, having a bag which not only does the job it’s designed for, but adds a stylish accent to your outfit to give you the overall look you want to achieve will give you confidence and turns heads for all the right reasons.

Secondary school

Your first day at secondary school is a real coming of age event. You’re no longer a child – you’re a teenager with your own ideas about the kind of music you like to hear and the clothes you want to wear. However, you may be restricted whilst at school due to the uniform rules, but having a funky bag means you can make a statement about who you are.

The Kenneth Browne Ladies Leather Backpack in Fuchsia is a clever mix of up to the minute design and durable practicality. This backpack is different; it’s triangular shaped with zipped pockets on the front and rear. It expands when opened so larger books can be carried in it and the stunning colour really makes this gorgeous soft Italian leather backpack the accessory for the student wanting to make the right impression on their first day.


Sixth form college

Stepping into the big wide world from school to either sixth form or further education college is a big leap. You’ll be able to wear your own choice of clothing and you’ll want a bag which is that next step up from being used just for school to one which is multi-purpose for college work and social events.


The perfect solution is a leather satchel – now very much back in vogue as a must-have accessory. Choose one from Zatchels or Dimitri leather with double buckle opening and you’ll have room for your college work, mobile phone, tablet and some make-up for a quick freshen up at the end of the day when you’re invited to a get together after classes.


Starting university brings a whole host of different parts of life into view all at the same time. You’re an adult – one with an academic future. You’re more than likely leaving home and you’ll be meeting hundreds of new people. It’s an important stage in your life to really put the message out there about who you are through what you wear and how you wear it. Whatever your chosen style of clothing, you need a way to carry notes, books and essays from lecture to lecture and you’ll want to do it the way which suits the whole image of being a student.


You can combine all your fashion statement needs as well as the way to carry everything you need from campus to campus in the beautifully distressed Vintage Leather Gladstone Travel Bag from Drift Cigar. The Gladstone bag is a timeless classic and will suit the style of every student with its large storage space, waterproof insert for keeping that all important thesis dry in the rain and the choice of using carry handles or a shoulder strap. One of the only styles of bag which can truly say it’s both classic and contemporary. You’ll be in good company with your choice of a Gladstone bag as it’s been the favoured accessory for LA and Hollywood socialites for decades due to its timeless design.

Internship interview

Achieving that all important internship placement whilst you’re at university gives you a foothold onto your chosen career and the practical skills element to the theory you’ve been learning in the lecture theatre.

You’re going to need to look professional and to project the image that you really want to join your chosen organisation. For this, you’ll need a leather briefcase to hold all your important documents such as your CV, examples of written work, ID and other items such as phone, pens and travel directions and timetables if you’ve taken a trip into an unfamiliar town or city.

It’s important that a briefcase holds everything in an organised way so you’re not rummaging through it wasting valuable time and also that it isn’t too heavy as it can easily fill with important papers. The Conti of Italy Matisse leather briefcase in red is perfect in every way as it’s lightweight at 1.2kg, is a classy colour which gives the message of style and distinction and has 2 main sections for your documentation, 2 front pocket pouches for your phone, keys and pens, a buckle to attach an umbrella and classic brass fixings. It’s manufactured from high quality Italian Hide leather and with the combination of a carry handle as well as a shoulder strap, you’ll really look the business when you walk in to meet the interview panel.

Wherever you are in the world or the situation you are experiencing, always remember one thing; behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag.

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