6 Gifts Ideas for Girls off to University

Date: 23-Aug-2014 - Written by Debbie Davies

Got a friend or family member who’s off to university in September? You might want to get her a special gift to wish her luck. Leaving home for the first time is nerve-racking enough but there are some things you can do to make sure your university-bound daughter, sister or friend is prepared to take on her new life and hit the ground running.

Idea number 1: A quality leather purse with at least one ID window

Prime Hide Purple Hide Leather Purse 22808 - £22.85

Having a purse with at least one ID window is so important as a university student. Entrance to university buildings, halls of residences and libraries is almost always done either by showing a university ID to a desk clerk or swiping it through a card reader so you need to have it handy at all times. Having a purse with a specific ID window means you don’t have to fumble around looking for your card or even take it out. Students are also likely to have various bus passes, student discount cards and society membership cards that they need to present on a regular basis so a purse with more than on ID window is always a bonus. However, not just any purse will do. Seeing as this purse is going to be carted around from libraries to refectories (often not in a bag as libraries sometimes don’t allow you to take them in) it needs to be well-made from good quality leather so it can stand up to the abuse.

Idea number 2: A chic leather laptop tote

Conti of Tuscany Brown Stylish Luxurious Leather Business Bag - £270.00

Between lectures, seminars and library visits, your daughter or friend is going to have plenty of books to carry and she’s going to need to take her laptop along too. Instead of getting her a book bag and a separate laptop case, a laptop tote is a neat and stylish option. The latest leather laptop totes are extremely spacious with plenty of organisational pockets. They contain a central padded section to keep laptops safe and secure that can be removed for extra space when not needed. What’s more, seeing as laptop totes look like normal handbags rather than laptops bags, they earn extra points in the style stakes.

Idea number 3: An iPad or Kindle cover

Prime Hide Fuschia Leather iPad Sleeve - £22

The latest trend amongst tech-savvy students is to read lecture notes and course materials on an iPad or Kindle. Of course, these devices need to be protected but most girls will want them to look good too. If your daughter or friend doesn’t already have a stylish case for her iPad or Kindle, this is the time to get her one.

Idea number 4: A stylish evening clutch bag

Prime Hide Victoria Ladies Flapover Berry Leather Clutch Bag with Shoulder Strap - £24.99

From May balls and formal halls to normal nights out, students have so many occasions to get glammed up. So why not treat your daughter or friend to a stylish evening clutch? She’ll have plenty of use for it!

Idea number 5: A leather rucksack

Pellevera Luxury Italian Brown Leather Backpack style 4030 - £155.00

Once upon a time backpacks were not considered cool for girls heading off to university but not they’re making a fashion comeback a quality leather backpack would be perfect for hauling books to and from lectures or carrying sports or gym kit.

Idea number 6: A weekend bag or holdall

Wombat Safari Brown Cow Hide Leather Travel Bag Gladstone Bag - £125.00

Worried about missing your loved one as she makes her own way in the world? If you buy her a stylish weekend bag or holdall, perhaps she’ll be tempted to use it and come home more often.

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