If you’ve never experienced the soft and supple beauty of washed leather, take a look at our Martina range. A collection of smart and practical purses in four attractive colours, each design is made from high-quality washed leather. 

Imagine your favourite pair of denim jeans; the more worn-in they get, the comfier they are. Washed leather is just the same, offering a cloud-soft finish that just gets better with age. The true charm of washed leather is in the unique appearance of each individual piece, a combination of silky smoothness and bold colour. 

Each of the four purses in Martina are available in four different contemporary shades: black, red, blue and green. Classic and stylish, choose your preferred style to match your lifestyle. With matching stitching and exquisite attention to detail inside and out, our Martina purses look out of this world and feel simply divine too.


Bifold Washed Leather Purse