Wombat Hats and The Duchess of Cambridge

Wombat Hats and The Duchess of Cambridge

Vogue's centenary issue is set to be released in June and who better to grace the cover to celebrate 100 years of style than the Duchess of Cambridge herself? Known for her effortless elegance and impeccable style, Kate Middleton graces the cover elegantly wearing a dressed-down, casual outfit in a countryside setting. The Duchess of Cambridge has never consented to a fashion magazine cover shoot previously but is shown here for the first time in a number of stunning photographic portraits that show her love for style and the countryside simultaneously.


Wombat Hat The Walkabout model wearing Timothy Foxx Twead

Get The Look for Less

You don’t have to spend a fortune to dress like this undeniably stylish cover star. One of the most surprising aspects of the shoot is the laid back attire and these looks are achievable when it comes to everyday style. The Duchess of Cambridge wears a brown suede Burberry jacket and a crisp white shirt in the cover look which are a world away from the striking ball gowns she is usually photographed in. At Wombat Leather, we love to be one step ahead of the trends and we were delighted that Vogue chose to celebrate 100 years of style with a cover shot that shows Kate Middleton sporting a hat so similar to our beloved Wombat hat. This is great news for our customers who wish to emulate the Duchess’ look for less.



Wombat washable in brown and Ridge Hill folable full grain hats clothes by Timothy Foxx

How to Style a Wombat Hat

A wombat hat is a clever addition to your capsule wardrobe and can be worn all year round to complete your favourite looks regardless of the season. Here are a few ways to style yours:<p>

Dress it Up or Keep it Casual-The best thing about our wombat hats is they are perfect for a variety of occasions making them a versatile piece. For a rustic look, pair yours with denim or knitwear or add a glamorous edge to a dress and leather jacket combo. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on the look, these hats look stylish with all kinds of colours and textures.

Experiment with Angles-There are many ways to wear a Wombat hat from tipping it forward to wearing it tipped to the side. Experiment with yours by wearing it a number of different ways to find the best angle for you.

Choose a Versatile Shade-Wombat hats are an ideal accessory as they complement everything from jeans to leather trousers and skirts. One way to make this trend all the more versatile is to choose a hat in a neutral shade. This way it will go with almost everything in your current clothing collection making it the ultimate investment for the season ahead.

Make a Statement-A neutral shade will ensure you can throw on your hat with almost anything but a bold colour will get you noticed for all of the right reasons. If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose a wombat hat with a two-tone studded design.

Work with your Proportions-Wombat hats come in a range of sizes and not all will suit your frame or face shape. If you are petite, a large hat will overwhelm your small frame so always opt for one of the tinier designs. A wombat hat is a style essential for fashion forward men and women and an accessory that will never go out of style.


Browse our fantastic collection of wombat hats to discover the perfect design for you and step out in style this season and the next.


 The casual look Wombat washable hat in Sand