What is the best kind of wallet for taking on holiday?

Date: 18-Jul-2014 - Written by Debbie Davies

If you're heading off on holiday this summer, you might want to consider taking a different wallet to your usual everyday one. With so many options available, we review the various styles of men's leather wallets to help you make the best choice for you.

Note Clip or Money Clip Wallets

Braun Buffel Firenze Mens Brown Leather Dollar Clip Wallet £49.99

When travelling abroad, we typically carry around a lot more cash than we would in our everyday lives. For this reason, many men find it useful to take a note clip wallet on holiday. Note clip wallets are slim and light so don't feel heavy or bulky in pockets or bags and have plenty of room for all those notes. I think many men also secretly enjoy flashing the cash during a night out on the town! However, when travelling abroad it can be useful to have some ID, your health insurance card, and at least one emergency credit card on your person whenever you leave the hotel. You never know when you might need them and unfortunately the majority of note clip wallets don't have space for these items. 

Cardholder Wallets

Kenneth Brownne Brown Italian Leather Card Holder wallet Da MINIATO Collection £25.99
While it's essential to take a few cards with you on holiday, a cardholder wallet will have far more card slots than you need and it may be tempting to fill them up. Also, cardholder wallets sometimes make room for extra card slots at the expense of note pouches. When travelling abroad, it is really important to have more than one note pouch in your wallet so you can keep your home currency (for the airport, taxi ride home etc.) separate from your travel currency.

Tri-fold Wallets

Prime Hide Outback Men's Luxury Brown Leather Trifold Wallet

As tri-fold wallets fold into three, they tend to be bulkier than other styles of wallet but when you're travelling, having a wallet that's bulky can be a real pain. Having said that, tri-fold wallets do typically feature plenty of organisational options for cards, notes, tickets etc. that could prove useful. 

Bi-fold Wallets

Fossil Chicago Large Brown Bi Fold Wallet £28.00

As one of the simplest styles of wallet, bi-fold wallets are great for travelling. They are generally small and lightweight and typically have a good balance of card slots and note pouches so you won't be tempted to fill them up with more than you need. However, you may be looking for wallet that has a few specialist features such as those below.

Zip-around Wallets

1642 Mens Leather Zip Around Wallet Brown

A zip-around wallet can be especially useful depending on how active you are on your holiday. If you are enjoying lots of physical activties such as hiking, mountain biking, quad biking (or even dancing), a zipped wallet will help keep all your cards and cash safe where they belong! 

Jacket Wallets

Tavecchi jacket wallet £64

Leather jacket wallets can be very useful for certain types of holiday too. If you are going on a city break, using a jacket wallet, as opposed to your usual everyday wallet that you keep in your trouser pocket or bag, will help keep your cards and cash away from pickpockets. Jacket wallets are also recommended if you are required to wear a dinner jacket for your evening meal e.g. on a cruise as they don't interrupt the smooth, elegant line of your clothes.

Travel Wallets

Hidesign Mens Stylish Black Textured Leather Travel Planner Wallet £49.00
Travel wallets (also known as travel planners, travel organisers or document holders) are more than just a wallet; they also serve as a mini portfolio. They are typically the size of a paperback novel and feature various pockets and pouches to keep your passport safe as well as your money. Travel wallets are, therefore, ideal if you have lots of documents and tickets that you need to keep safe and organised. However, because of their size, they aren't convenient to lug around all day. If you do opt for a travel wallet, you might consider keeping it locked in your hotel room safe, while taking out the money you need just for each day.

Travel Pouch

Quality Hide Soft Leather Brown Shoulder Holster Wallet £22.84

As someone who enjoys visiting cities like Rome and Athens and enjoying the cultural sights, a shoulder holster wallet is one of my holiday must-haves. There really is no better way of keeping your personal items away from pickpockets on a city break. The only downside is that to get the real benefit you have to wear them with a jacket or a hoodie and if you're heading off somewhere that's going to be really hot, that isn't ideal! In that case, you may want to consider keeping your wallet in a cross body or pouch bag that you keep close to you at all times.

Coin Pouches

Prime Hide Small Black Leather Coin Purse £9.99

Given that we tend to carry a lot of small change on holidays (for drinks, ice creams, bus fares etc.) that can easily fall out of your pocket, you may want to consider using a specific coin pouch. Admittedly some wallets do cointain a small coin pouch but when you have a large number of coins and you're not familiar with them it can be really helpful to be able to see them, rather than just feel them. For example, every time I drive to France I like to keep a specific coin pouch in the car for the toll fares as it allows me to get the right change quickly and easily.

Now we've considered all the various types of men's wallet available you should be able to make the right choice for you when browsing our extensive range of quality leather wallets for men.

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