Top 3 luxury leather wash bags for a stylish weekend away

Date: 15-Jun-2013 - Written by Debbie Davies

Keeping your toiletries in a plastic bag? It's time to upgrade to a stylish leather one.

Luxury leather wash bags are not just sophisticated, they're practical too. Using a stylish leather bag for your toiletries will make you feel like a refined gent but will also keep your toiletries (and your clothes) safe. It goes without saying that leather is a much thicker and tougher material for washbags than plastic, so no matter how much battering your suitcase takes, your products should stay all together and in the tubes. However, if there is any leakage, you know that your shampoo, shower gel or toothpaste won't be able to seap through the leather and stain your clothes.

Check out these stylish and practical leather wash bags below for the ultimate in travel sophistication.

1. Classic, effortless style

Prime Black Leather Wash Bag £25.99

2. Rugged  and practical

Rowallan Veronica Hanging Leather Wash Bag toiletry Bag £59.99

3. Modern, sleek city chic

Luxury Leather OiledToiletry Bag by Prime Hide £29.99

Don't forget, a luxury leather wash bag makes a great small gift for birthdays 

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