Tiger Lilly - NEW EP 'Revolving Doors'

Date: 03-Feb-2013 - Written by Debbie Davies
We caught up with Tiger Lilly over the weekend - NEWS....."Tomorrow ( Monday) I shall be going in to the Studio for day 1 of the production of my EP 'Revolving Doors'."

Over the last few weeks Tiger Lilly has been preparing by writing, recording and producing 'demo' tracks to select for the final 3 choices, which are as follows;

1- Silence is Golden
2-Throw me a line
3-Walk a mile.

Tiger Lilly quotes - "However, there is still an acoustic song which I am very attached to and it is in fact the title of my EP,  so may have to add a 4th in. It is also how I am feeling right now so my heart is poured in to the lyrics of this song even more so than the others."

There is a story behind each one of the tracks she has chosen to keep it a secret at the moment ....!


@PurplSoul What inspires you?

My writing is always inspired by my life experiences. It is my therapy. If I feel something strongly, I have to put it in to a song.
Inspiration for life though, well that comes from others achieving great things too.

@duolion1382 What do you want to accomplish next?

This year, I would like to have my new EP and music video reach millions of people around the world. I know it is a pretty big thing to achieve but I am so happy right now, why not reach for the moon? Aside from that....To remember to give gratitude for everything in my life.

@Jameslainey What is your favourite song at the moment?

It has to be Katy Perry- Wide Awake.... The video is amazing too.

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I will be performing live at Kensington Roof Gardens this Friday 8th Feb. Tickets can be purchased from




See you there!!


Tiger Lilly




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