The Perfect Summer Bags

Date: 21-Aug-2015 - Written by Debbie Davies

When the urge to buy some new bags to freshen up my summer wardrobe comes knocking, there is no denying its force. In this particular instance, the desire stemmed from needing some bright colours to liven up my outfits, because wearing nice, summery dresses, and using the same, worn-out, dull, black handbag everyday was getting a bit boring.

I am a huge fan of over-the-shoulder or crossbody bags, and I don’t like them to be too big, a handbag does not need to be a messenger bag, after all. So, the mission was to find a cheerful, crossbody bag that was not too big, but would still hold all of the summer essentials.I decided to see what one of my favourite accessory sites – had to offer me, and was immediately drawn to the bag section, which, to my joy, contained a whole range of brightly coloured crossbody bags – and they were the perfect size! Brilliant!

Next came the hard part – choosing a colour. I was primarily drawn to the pink bags, due to its almost fluorescent brightness, and the subtle differences between the different pink colours. After much deliberation, I settled on the berry Leather, which would be a perfect contrast to some of my darker clothes during the evening, but would also compliment my bright, summery maxi-dresses whilst out and about during the day.

I decided that these bags were too cute to buy just one, and that I needed another to match with my evening outfits. I really enjoy making a statement with my outfits, and usually end up wearing black and a bright colour, for extra contract and the added ‘wow’ factor. After gazing in wonder at the wide selection of bright colours available, I finally decided on the Prime Hide Ultra Soft Touch Ladies Small Red Leather Flapover Crossbody Bag.

I really liked this style due to its numerous zipped pockets, perfect for a night out, when you need to know that all of your belongings are safe.  I also thought that the gold accents on the bag were adorable and would complement most of my favourite accessories

Finally, since I’d already committed to the shopping experienced, I decided there would be no harm is buying just one more bag – for work, of course! As I work in an office with a professional dress-code, this bag needed to be slightly less luminous in colour, but I still didn’t want to go with a dull colour, because that would be boring. So I narrowed my options down to the navy or the ivory, and finally ended with the ivory crossbody bag, which is perfectly coloured to go with my work outfits and will fit in perfectly with the office dress-code and is also perfectly designed to hold all of the essential items that I have to carry around with me every day.

Checout the whole range of leather crossbody bags from Prime Hide in luscious summer colours

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