Men’s Italian Leather Belts-Going Beyond Black and Brown

Men’s Italian Leather Belts-Going Beyond Black and Brown

A premium quality Italian leather belt is a timeless essential that no man can do without. Not only are belts a functional addition to a wardrobe but chose right, they can breathe new life into a tired outfit and make it look trendy. Every man’s belt collection needs a solid foundation and every man should own at least one black and one brown belt to complete his work-to-weekend look. Most stores tend to focus their collection on these traditional shades as they work with a variety of outfits. However, Italian leather belts are a great way to break out of your comfort zone when it comes to colour and with this in mind, let’s take a look at how colourful belts can be both versatile and stylish for every occasion.

Try a Reversible Style

Stepping away from classic colours like black and brown can be daunting as they are not so simple to style. While black and brown belts go with everything in your clothing collection, adding another colour in and getting it right can be quite a challenge. So, rather than opting for a different colour, start with a reversible belt style that is trendy and versatile. Blue is a trendy colour that is seen everywhere on the catwalk and with our Dudu blue and black reversible belt, you get the best of both worlds.

 Dudu reversible blue belt

If in Doubt Stay Neutral

If you are bored of black and brown but a bright colour isn’t appropriate for the occasion, opt for a belt in a neutral shade. Taupe and grey leather belts are a stylish addition to any outfit and work particularly well at formal occasions when you want to look smart. Neutral shades like taupe and grey are easy to style and out Dudu reversible brown and taupe always provide a refined finish to any outfit. Why not expand your belt collection with a contemporary neutral colour palette?

Dudu reversible black/brown belt 

Add a Splash of Colour to your Corporate Look

Workwear can be quite restrictive, especially if your place of work has a dress code but when it comes to accessories, the rules are often more lenient. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with bolder belt shades while still channelling a smart, office appropriate look. Workwear can be boring and the perfect leather belt can add a point of interest and make a subtle suit look stylish. Try a bolder belt and brighten up the office.

Add Personality to your Weekend Wardrobe

A stylish Italian leather belt has the power to set you apart from a crowd and a bright belt could be just what your casual wardrobe needs. Usually, you might go with the simple rule of matching your belt to your shoes but while this works well with formal outfits, when it comes to casual outfits, you can be a bit braver. Ask yourself this. Do you want your belt to be an accent or a centrepiece? If it’s the former, invest in darker shades such as olive green and grey while if it’s the latter add a flash of colour with brighter shades.

Be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Another opportunity to style a colourful belt is at a wedding. If you want to use colour in moderation, our stylish Italian leather Dudu belt in blue could work perfectly. To make the look work, choose a pocket square or a pair of socks in the same colour as your belt to tie it in nicely.

Always Remember the Colour Wheel

For an outfit to look well put together, all of the colours must match. Yes, colourful belts are harder to style than traditional black and brown belts but if you are ever in doubt as to which colours complement each other, you should refer to a colour wheel. This highlights the colours that complement each other and contrast and using a colour wheel in this way will ensure you always get it right. Choosing colours that are adjacent to each other will result in a monochrome look while colours opposite each other will provide more of a contrast. Then, there are triad colours. For example, if you are putting together an outfit that includes a lot of different pieces, use the triad colours as a guide.

Keep it Simple

Another rule to remember when wearing colourful accessories is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Too many bright colours in one outfit can result in a clash. For example, if you choose a bright belt, let that be the statement piece and stick to one or two neutral colours. Likewise, if you are wearing a patterned shirt and colourful shoes, there is no room for a statement belt so pick one aspect of your look to be colourful and keep the rest simple.

 Brown Tan Leather Belt

Follow the Rule of Three

One easy way to make sure that your accessories don’t look out of place with the rest of your outfit is to follow the rule of three. When putting an outfit together make sure that no more than three colours are used. This not only minimises the chances of clashing colour but it also makes the end look seem more polished and on trend.

Adhere to Basic Etiquette

There is a time and a place for colourful accessories. While the colours may complement each other, that doesn’t mean that the finished look will complement the occasion. So, once you have found complementary colours, there are still rules regarding etiquette to follow. If the occasion you are attending is formal, use colour sparingly and save getting creative for a casual event. You can’t go wrong with Italian leather. Knowing how to accessorise is an art form and learning this art form takes time and practice. Using colour to make an outfit more interesting can be tricky but staying away from traditional shades with bright accessories can add a playful look to your attire. Follow these simple rules and get it right every time.

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