Lecerf Thick Canvas & Spanish Leather Cross Body Bag

Date: 24-Nov-2013 - Written by Debbie Davies

What we like

This canvas and leather cross body bag from Lecerf is currently one of the most fashionable items for men at Just4Leather. Canvas is experiencing a real fashion moment right now as is the utilitarian look.

Best Features

The best thing about this Lecerf cross body bag is that it is lightweight yet still extremely durable. Although a light material, canvas is still very hardwearing and when reinforced with thick Spanish leather it can stand up to no end of abuse. In comparison to a standard leather cross body bag, this makes it much easier to carry around all day without getting shoulder ache and you still won’t have to worry about snags or tears. This Lecerf cross body bag has been treated with a stain-resistant coating but should any appear, as they inevitably will, it will only add to its rugged, utilitarian appearance.

Who is the Lecerf Thick Canvas & Spanish Leather Cross Body Bag perfect for?

This Lecerf cross body bag would be ideal for anyone going on day trips or a city break. It is large enough for your essentials such as your phone, wallet, camera and sunglasses and allows you to keep these personal items close to your body and, therefore, away from pickpockets but still within easy reach. The cross body style also keeps your hands free so that you can relax and enjoy your sightseeing.

Final Thoughts

Beware this bag is not as water resistant as a leather messenger bag so try to avoid getting caught in the rain or riding the log flume at a theme park.

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