Creating The Red Carpet Look by Make Up Artist Claire Appleby

Date: 19-Feb-2013 - Written by Debbie Davies

With the BRIT Awards just around the corner, celebrities and guests alike are finalising who they are going to wear, what accessories they are going to carry, and where they are going to get their hair done. But for the ladies attending, there is one more obvious question, 'who is going to do my make up?'

J4L took some time out to interview make up artist Claire Appleby on how she creates the red carpet look.

Claire, you have had a lot of high-profile jobs since you moved to London to pursue your make up career. What has been the highlight so far?

Well, that's a hard question! I love my job and love making people up and have had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people and companies such as Universal Pictures, Sony, the Daily Mail, MTV and many more.

I guess it's that no shoot is the same. It's often different teams and clients, so you never know where you will be next week! One day you can doing make up on a yacht or private jet and the next day playing with birds of prey in the country.

What has been the most challenging job you have worked on as a make up artist?

Lots of jobs are challenging, but that's a good thing because if you're always challenged, you're constantly learning and improving. Fashion is always changing so we make up artists have to stay at the top of our game!

Tomorrow is the BRIT Awards 2013. For guests attending who don't have a professional make up artist to help them out, what advice would you give?

Sometimes less is more. When I worked with Tiger Lilly recently on a shoot for her latest album cover, the make up was quite simple but still very striking. If every part of your face is screaming look at me, people won't know where to look! I also recommend blending everything well. Good make up is all about blending.

Finally, as the Official Goody Bag Partners for the male recipients and sponsors to pop/rock artist Tiger Lilly, we know that you will be making her look even more beautiful when she attends the awards with us tomorrow. Can you tell us about the look you are going to create for her?

We are going for a bit of colour with this look as her dress is all black. I'm doing a burgundy lip, which I'm in love with right now! Just can't get enough of the burgundy lippy! With the eyes we're going for a classic black with a flash of metallic silver. There will also be a lot of contouring which makes a masssive difference defining the cheek bones, jaw and collar bones etc. It will be a very glamorous look for a very glamorous event. And above all, photo ready!



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