J4L Review: Prime Hide Outback Leather Hanging Washbag

Date: 22-Jul-2015 - Written by Debbie Davies

What we like

One of the most striking aspects of this Prime Hide wash bag/ toiletry bag is the beautiful look of the leather. It’s made from leather that is black or dark brown oiled, luxurious, and supple. The looks alone are amazing, but the features of this bag are incredible. There’s a front section that can be zipped around to close it up, and it includes two pouch pockets and a large pouch pocket with a large mesh front. There is also a top section that is also zippered that has an internal pocket that zips. Finally, there’s a zippered pocket on the outside of the front. It also comes with a metal hook and mesh pocket that you can use to hang it up, giving you an elegant and practical way to give yourself more room in the bathroom. The size of the bag when it’s closed is 25 x 18 x 7 cm.

Best Features

Aside from the gorgeous color and feel of the Prime Hide wash bag/ toiletry bag, this bag’s best feature is the amount of room that it gives to you. With six different places to put your toiletries and other things, there is plenty of room for everything that you need. This is a must have for those who live in an apartment or a home in which bathroom space is at a premium.

Who is the Prime Hide wash bag/ toiletry bag perfect for?

This is an item that can be used by men and women and that can be used at home or on the go.

Final Thoughts

No matter who you are, this Prime Hide wash bag/ toiletry bag is a great item for travel or for your home.



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