J4L Review: Barmah Foldaway Bronco Leather Hat

Date: 10-Aug-2014 - Written by Debbie Davies

What we like

This is a versatile hat for all weather conditions. The wide brim keeps the sun off your face and the back of your neck, protecting you from sunburn on good days and in the rain, it keeps water off your face and from running down the back of your neck too. The hat sits closely against your head and will not move even in strong winds. What's more, as Australia's original bush hat, you won't find a better quality leather hat anywhere else.

Best Features

This hat by Barmah is lightweight and foldable and makes an ideal hat for travel. You can fold it flat and then keep it in the accompanying canvas bag. As you don’t have to worry about it being squashed and pushed out of shape you can simply put it in your suitcase or rucksack without it taking up too much space.

Who is the Foldaway Bronco Leather Hat perfect for?

A must-have hat for anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits in unpredictable weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

Great for travelling, hunting, fishing or walking the dog and suits both men and women.



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