J4L: Product of the week - The Leather Bush Hat

Date: 02-Mar-2015 - Written by Debbie Davies

Our fantastic new Wombat leather range has just touched down and we are very proud to show you our brand new bestselling Bush Hat. 

In true Wombat form, the Leather Bush hat is made from the finest quality fully grain leather, so it is sturdy as well as comfortable and pliable. A unisex style, and an essential hat shape that can be worn year after year, irrespective of trend or season, and an easy staple for your wardrobe.

However that said, we do also take pride when our collections are relevant of the seasons current trends, and the Bush Hat is without a doubt very relevant to the key SS15 Seventies trend.

Shown here with leather fringed jackets, and western check shirts and jeans, the Leather bush hat is really well styled against the retro of this era and mostly, the colours of the era.


Offered in Full Grain Leather, Leather Split and Suede we have a good choice so pick up 2!

Grab one formal one and a super casual one - that is what I did. I prefer to dress casually than formally and my favourite colour is our Hickory hat below.

You really cannot go wrong with any of the four shades below (L-R Distressed Brown, Outback, Wombat Walkabout and the new washable style in sand or brown). Our broadening range of rich warm Chocolate Browns would also be a perfect fashion accessory to invest in if you prefer to wear the camel tones in your clothes.


If there is anything more to add to convince you that you need one of these beautiful hats in your wardrobe it is this; this is an investment piece, as our Wombat brand are experts spanning years, decades of understanding leather, how it works, and the natural historical legacy that started in Australia. It was not seen as a trend piece nor as simply a hat. It was recognised as a key functional item for cattle drovers. Why? Look at the brim, this is for protecting your eyes from the bright sun. But even more, they protect against UV protection then and now, as every hat is treated with special oils to be waterproof.

Therefore whatever you reason for buying, please do, you will love it!

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