How to choose the right hand luggage for you

Date: 29-May-2013 - Written by Debbie Davies

Finding the right hand luggage can be a challenge. There are so many varieties of cabin luggage available that it's hard to know which type will suit you best. As more and more airlines start to charge for checked luggage, cabin luggage needs to be more spacious, durable and lightweight than ever. So read on to learn the pros and cons of each type of hand luggage and advice on what each variety is best for.



A backpack is the most comfortable way of carrying your luggage on your body. A good backpack is designed to distribute the weight of you luggage evenly across your back and shoulders so you can carry it comfortably.

Advantages - It leaves both hands free for taking photos or looking at Duty Free etc. Easy to carry around Lightweight

Disadvantages - You can't transport a backpack without wearing it. If your luggage is very heavy or you find it difficult to carry your luggage on your back, a trolley bag would be a much better option.

Cabin bags


cabin bag is a large holdall with with two handles and possible a shoulder strap, designed to be carried either over one shoulder or by one hand. We recommend this type of luggage for travellers who don't have to carry their luggage far (eg. if you are on a coach trip and staying at hotels) as they can be quite heavy.

Advantages - Strong and durable, Plenty of space, Great for carrying sports equipment or other gear

Disadvantages - It is harder to organise a cabin bag than a suitcase, Cabin bags are uncomfortable to carry for long, especially if they are heavy, It is difficult to keep clothes from getting creased in a duffle bag

Messenger bags

It's very useful to have a smaller bag to carry your personal items (toothbrush, deoderant etc), and a messenger bag is perfect for this. A messenger bag is great to take in addition to your main carry on luggage.

Advantages - Small and manageable

Disadvantages -Not everyone wants to take an extra bag and you may have to pay for it!

Trolley bags


A standard trolley bag rests on two wheels and has a retractable metal handle to pull the suitcase with. These are very popular for airline cabin baggage, as they are practical, spacious and easy to keep organized.

Advantages - Plenty of space (although not as much as in a cabin bag), Easy to keep organised, Clothes stay crease-free.

Disadvantages - Can be difficult to wheel over rough terrain e.g. cobblestones.

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