Guide to choosing a laptop bag

Date: 20-Jun-2013 - Written by Debbie Davies

The most important thing to consider when choosing a new laptop bag is to make sure it fits your laptop. This may seem obvious but you'd be surprised how many people forget to check the size. Finding a bag you love and then discovering it's too small for your laptop when it arrives through the post can be a real disappointment and it happens all too often.

When you look at the tag or product description online, it will usually state the size laptop it is designed to hold. The dimension given is the diagonal width of the laptop screen in inches. At Just4Leather, we stock laptop bags suitable for laptops with a diagonal screen dimension of 14 to 17 inches. When you visit our laptop bag page, you are able to sort by size. You should then be able to choose from a selection of laptop bags that have been specifically designed to fit your computer and keep it well protected.

The next thing you need to bear in mind is your individual lifestyle i.e.where you will take your bag and how you will carry it. We stock a large variety of leather laptop bags for men and women in both formal and more casual styles. Our sleek black and brown leather laptop bags are ideal for a corporate office environment whereas our coloured or rugged leather laptop bags are more suited to home, college, university or more relaxed working environments.

The types of leather laptop bag we offer include traditional briefcases, modern business bags, satchels, messenger bags, wheeled bags and even tote bags. You will need to consider the distance you need to carry your laptop bag which will determine whether you need a shoulder strap or wheels or whether a simple top handle will suffice.

If you travel to work by car a traditional briefcase or modern top handle business bag will suit you well enough. If you sometimes have to travel for work you might consider a style with a detachable shoulder strap. Those who have a long commute or who cycle to work will definitely need a style that encorporates a shoulder strap to avoid arm ache and to keep hands free. If you are required to make frequent business trips you should consider a wheeled laptop bag as these styles make manoeuvering around train stations and airports a breeze.

Finally, you also need to think about the degree of protection you need. All of our leather laptop bags encorporate padding in some form or another but some offer greater protection than others. If you think your bag may suffer a few knocks, if you travel by tube, for example, you will need to choose a bag with extra thick padding or that includes an additional removable protective sleeve.

Now it's time to browse our collection and find the perfect leather laptop bag for you. Happy hunting!

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