Five Important Fashion Rules for Men

Five Important Fashion Rules for Men

Whether you live in jeans or own a few fancy suits, there are five fashion rules men should always follow for a well put together look:

1. The shoe colour should match the pants colour. Finding perfectly matched shoes and pants is nearly impossible, so you will likely need to settle for similar shades. Shoes should be darker, not lighter, than the pants, which means black shoes can be worn with any colour.

2. The socks colour should match the pants colour. Most people think they should colour coordinate socks with shirts, but there is too large of a gap between the two items for the colours to complement each other. Black socks are always acceptable, while white socks should only be worn with sneakers. Socks should also reach your lower calf so the leg isn’t exposed when you sit.

3. The belt colour should match the shoe colour. What you are trying to achieve is a seamless colour from waist to toe. Check out our great men's leather belts - a belt for every style and colours to match any outfit

4. The tie colour should complement the shirt colour. Patterned shirts should be paired with a solid-collared tie that is complementary, but not an exact match. For professional attire, the shade should be subdued, while less formal situations may allow for a bold pop of colour. Monochromatic shirts can benefit from a patterned tie, such as a diagonal stripe, pinstripe, plaid, paisley or other subtle design.

5. Make sure the pants, shirt and jacket fit comfortably, but well. You should buy the next size up if the shoulders are too tight or the sleeves ride too high when your arms are crossed or if the waistband is too tight or the pant legs hike up when you sit down. The cost for small alterations is minimal.

Follow our fashion advice for that perfect look….