Find the Right Leather Weekend Bag Just For You

Find the Right Leather Weekend Bag Just For You

Instead of getting ready for a long, two week trip away for their summer hols, more and more people have turned to short weekend trips as an alternative. There’s no denying that those cherished weeks in the sun we all look forward to every year are the best, and it allows you the chance to really explore the area of the country that you’re in. But the great thing about planning a number of weekend trips throughout the year is you get to see a lot more of the world and, of course, you’ll have a lot more treats to look forward to!


Pack Away Your Troubles in a Leather Weekend Bag

Figuring out what to wear and bring along with you on a short trip is half the battle. A longer holiday gives you the luxury of packing a lot more than you’ll probably need but as you won’t want to lug along a big suitcase, you’ll have to really think about how much you can fit into your bag. There are some toiletries that have to come along no matter what, so start with the things you absolutely need. You’ll want clothes that offer some versatility, as it’s doubtful you’ll be able to have a change of outfit for each day and night you are there.
The Chesterfield leather weekend bag is just the job for those short trips away. Choose from either the deep brown or rich cognac colour, both of which are guaranteed to fit in seamlessly with your wardrobe. The pouches on the outside provide those much needed extra little pockets of space you’ll need when packing away to return – because for some reason there always seems to be less space than when you first started out. It also comes with an adjustable strap, which makes it easy to take along on your journey.


Finding the Right Bag for You

A leather weekend bag is different from normal luggage as they are mostly designed with short trips in mind, making them much more convenient and portable to use. When you are thinking of buying a weekend bag there are a number of things to keep in mind, to ensure it will match all of your requirements for the trip and beyond. As with almost every other accessory, a leather weekend bag should be functional and versatile at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are going away for months, or simply putting a few simple items inside for a quick weekend break. Either way, the bag should be able to help no matter what.

The Prestige Italian Leather Duffle Weekend Bag is available in either camel, black or brown and gives you everything you could possible want for long or short term use. Made from stunning Italian leather, the smooth texture gives the bag an unforgettably classic look. With so many extra pouches and pockets placed all across the bag, you’ll struggle to find things to fill it up to the brim. The long carry handles make it easy to rest on the shoulder, or to simply sling across your back as you head off to your sunny destination.


Pick Out Your Favourite Leather Weekend Bag

Leather weekend bags are available to buy in a whole range of colours and patterns that you won’t really find with other types of luggage. For women looking for a new weekend bag it is probably best to take the time to find a bag that suits your overall style and look, as the bag will replace the use of a purse when you are on your journey. This also makes it easier for the weekend bag to match what you have in your wardrobe and stops you from having to buy even more bags - although that may not be such a bad thing!

If you are looking for a bag that immediately jumps out at you with its unique style and elegance then look no further than our Tassia Luxury Italian Leather Gladstone Bag. You can pick it up in either dark brown or stunning Ox blood colour, making that break away feel all the more special with this leather bag in tow. The two compartments are separated by a divider and you will also find two zip pockets conveniently placed on the inside to store away smaller items from your itinerary.


Paying the Right Price for Your Leather Weekend Bag

One of the first things a lot of people look at first when choosing which leather weekend bag to buy is how much they can afford. What also has to be taken into consideration is how much travelling you do too. Those who travel frequently would probably benefit more from something that uses the highest quality leather. The simple reason being that more usage will produce more wear and tear, so if you choose the cheaper option, you may find yourself buying a replacement sooner than you’d hoped. For those who do not travel so much, then going for the less expensive bag makes a lot more practical sense.

The Ethiraj Leather Weekend Travel Bag is not only made from some of the best leather around, but it comes at a price that is friendly to your bank balance. It’s a great bag for taking on-board on any plane, coach or cruise ship and for those times when you arrange a quick break away at short notice and only have a short amount of time to throw your clothes into a bag and rush out the door. Not only that, but the classic design makes it stand out from the rest, so watch out if you’re standing waiting at baggage reclaim!


You are spoilt for choice with Just4Leather, as we give you so many bags to choose from. We’re constantly updating our ranges to give you the very best in leather accessories, making online shopping that much easier for you. We do all the work so you don’t have to. If you’re looking for a leather weekend bag for a trip, or thinking of buying for someone close to you, then we have everything you’re looking for and more. Our suggestions above are just a small selection from our range.