Colour Blocking Leather Purses for The Summer

Date: 14-Jun-2017 - Written by Debbie Davies
When colour blocking announced its return at the turn of the last decade, who would’ve thought it would remain part of the fashion vernacular for so long? Of course, its popularity has gone up and down during that time but the style has survived, using its endless possibilities to adapt in new and exciting ways. With the spring/summer '17 shows showing off bold separates earlier in the year, such as Valentino’s vibrant fuchsia or the fluorescent oranges and light blues of Balenciaga, bold colour blocking is once again just as fresh as the more subtle variants.

Depending on the time of day or environment you are in, you can’t always dress yourself in bright and effervescent colours, although that doesn’t mean colour blocking has to go completely out of the window. Heading into work can mean being dressing in more formal and professional attire but the simple addition of vibrant colouring brings a whole new dimension to the look. Suddenly that rather dull black and white combo springs alive thanks to a gorgeously confident red or blue leather purse.

Black remains a staple right across the high street and if you are looking to experiment or hoping to try out colour blocking for the first time, you can’t go wrong with this as the start point. Almost any other colour will find a way to reverberate against it, which means even when you want to play it safe you can still make a real statement with the simplest of outfits.

The key is to keep it simple and stick with two colours on most occasions, although if you are feeling particularly brave you can always try out three - any more may tip the trend scale a bit too far out of your favour! It’s a style that exudes energy and personality, perfect for you to head out and make the most of an exciting summer.

Making sure you get the required pop from brighter colours sometimes means pairing with a neutral tone, such as this Prime Hide (RFID SAFE) Green Multi Colour Leather Zipped Card Holder. Aside from its functionality, which provides great storage for up to ten cards while protecting your financial essentials, it opens up to reveal a striking range of eye-catching colours.

With three basic ways to colour block, finding the right approach for you will unearth the appropriate style and accessories to match. Monochromatic outfits are rarely ever dull, working in different hues of the same colour across the look as a whole. Separates are the most common way to go and mixing together your two brightest tops usually brings out surprisingly fresh results. Or you can always try the stand-alone approach, where the hard work has been done for you by the designer, in either a blocked garment or accessory.

There are four colours available in the Alva range, enabling you to pick from dynamic red, classic black, persuasive purple or a more neutral navy. Combining its classic style with key seasonal colours ensure they easily find a home on your accessory wheel. Elegant stitching and clearly separated inner compartments provide ample room for all your cards and cash. Soft calf leather will make it look as good as it feels in your hand.

Pacific blues will continue to make waves throughout the summer, serving as the perfect canvas to set against dazzling whites or more neutral greys and light patterned garments. The richness of this colour brings the depth of the ocean straight into your wardrobe making sure you always arrive with a splash. Step outside with this in your armoury and you definitely won’t feel like a fish out of water!

A matinee purse is one that can be relied upon all day, every day and the classy royal blue tone makes this Hide Leather a delight to add to your collection. If you are on the move and need to keep your change and cards close at hand, then this type of purse is exactly what you need to accompany you along the way.

Warm oranges, golden yellows and organic greens emanate a natural earthiness and sense of freedom during the hotter months. Solid natural blocks help to shape silhouettes that are soft and easy, making them comfortable and well suited for the seasoned travellers and those heading off for a couple of weeks under the hot sun.

Reaching out from the Prime Hide Windermere Range is this gorgeous Ladies Orange Framed Leather purse, complete with stylish front panel debossed logo. Modern simplicity meets classic style, thanks to the rear framed purse section and trifold design. The heat this purse generates will not only punctuate your look but instantly accentuate your glow.

Safari neutrals from the likes of Mille Collines incorporate savanna landscapes to form their colour palette and the timeless feel of their collection illustrates why Ecru stands out for the summer. With the long hot days and nights that lie ahead, sand colours and ivory blocks help to keep you looking and feel cool as the temperature rises around you.

Lecerf have established themselves over the past four decades as a well-renowned Spanish manufacturer of leather accessories and footwear. Four shades of beige, with each strip complimented by individual textures, draws out the continental flair you will want to show off whether out for evening drinks, hitting the beach on holiday or heading away for a quick weekend break.

If you are in need of a leather purse that will be work as the finishing touch to your summer wardrobe, adding some drama to your daytime or evening wear, then look no further. At Just4Leather we not only put our energies into the products you buy but the overall look you want to achieve. We understand that finding the right purse for you is more than just a one-off individual purchase, especially during the summer season where we Brits finally have our chance to shine before the sun disappears on us all over again!

Our beautiful range of leather purses offer more than just a place to pack away your phone or keys, they help to mould your individual style. If you are looking for something that will simply compliment your outfit, or for something a bit more glamourous, we have something for everyone. Whatever your style you can pick from the wonderful Just4Leather summer collection, opting for multi-coloured designs or stunningly bold colours that can be contrasted to stunning effect.

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