Buying a New Purse or Wallet For Autumn? Check Out The Hottest Colours For 2019

Buying a New Purse or Wallet For Autumn? Check Out The Hottest Colours For 2019

If you’re looking to buy a new purse or wallet for autumn 2019, make sure you choose it in one of the hot trending colours for that half of the year.

It’s only now that our summer really feels like it has begun. If the rain would stay off for a reasonable amount of time, that is. The slow start it had this year thanks to the lack of anything approaching the kind of hot and sunny weather we may expect (even in the UK), it may be a little too sudden for some to be thinking of autumn and what we are going to wear then and the accessories we’re going to carry.

Wallets & Purses 

However, time marches on and before you know it, autumn will be upon us, so it won’t do any harm to start planning things out before we’re actually during all those brown leaves and darker nights are drawing near.

Especially if you like to change your wardrobe somewhat or at least select different pieces and outfits during the autumnal months compared to what you wore during the brightness of summer. The fashion conscious of you reading this will want to ensure also that you don’t make any glaring or particularly bad fashion faux pas. That’s where we come in. At Just4Leather, we’ve put together the following guide to help you navigate accessorising your autumn looks and outfits with the right colour of wallets and purses.

So, what’s going to be big colour-wise during September, October and November? Based on information from the Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, London and New York, we’ve put together a guide to the colours that are going to be especially hot this autumn, when the weather’s cooling down. Merlot and camel will still maintain their popularity for that time of year, but there will be some surprises you probably didn’t expect to see cropping up as trending colours. Colours you’d probably have worn more during spring and summer.

Let’s take a closer look.

Purple, Purple and More Purple

By far one of the biggest and most popular colours being used a lot in pieces across the board was purple. Not just one particular type of purple though, all shades and tones of purple appear to be a thing for this autumn.

When all the top designers have something purple in their new collections, you know it’s something you should take note of.

With that in mind, there’s plenty of options to choose from within our collection of real genuine leather wallets and purses, but the one we would like to discuss right now is the Prime Hide Valentino RFID safe purple credit card holder. This is perfect for all you girls who prefer to hold more plastic than paper money.

Prime Hide Valentino RFID safe purple credit card holder

Just look at it for a moment. Simple, yes, but with a refined elegance. It has a flap opening and features a total of 7 slots for credit cards, bank cards and possibly even business cards, if you are that way inclined. As it comes in a red gift box, we think this would be the ideal choice for the lady in your life, gents, so do take not. However, if you’re reading this and just want to treat yourself to something nice, girls, go for it. It comes with RFID protection too.

Bright Orange

Okay, so this was one that shocked us a little, but there were a lot of runways over the course of each fashion week in the top cities mentioned above that featured vibrant and bright oranges for the autumn/winter period. So, what better than a nice bright orange purse to really finish off that elegant but loud look that will go with just about any skin tone.

One particularly nice option from our collection is the Prime Hide Soft Leather Coin Purse. This is available in a nice and vibrant bright orange, as you can see from the picture. 

Prime Hide Soft Leather Coin Purse style - 760

We know that a coin purse might not be everyone’s cup of tea or even meet their daily needs. But, if you want to accessorise with something small and dainty and don’t intend on taking too much cash out with you, but want enough to leave a tip, this is a great item to have in your wardrobe for those odd occasions.

Bright and Bold Pinks

From one surprise to another, one colour we were a little apprehensive about, as it’s something that’s normally reserved for the summertime, was pinks. Not just subtle pinks, but big, bold, loud, bright and extroverted pinks.

The purse we decided to highlight for the colour pink was the Tuscan Leather Ladies Soft Large Pink Purse. The picture, although it doesn’t really do it justice, is explanation enough why this was singled out.

It is rather stunning to say the least, we hope you agree. Now, if the items above seemed lacking or single purpose, don’t fret. As this offering will become your regular purse for just about everything. It’s practical enough to carry all you need throughout the week and so drop dead sexy and classy that it won’t look out of place when you take it out in that swanky restaurant or at the bar on a night out with your significant other, a new hot date or just with the girls for some drinks.

It features a classic wallet-style with popper opening and two additional poppers on the inside that open it up more expansively. Within this slender, but large piece of well designed and made leather is space for a total of 17 credit or bank cards (although store, business and loyalty cards will have no trouble fitting in place too), 2 pockets for notes and two specific pouches for ID badges. There is also a purse on the inside, with 3 different compartments, one with a zipper closure and suitable for coins.

This packs it all and looks beautiful in that slick pink leather.

Vanilla Custard and Various Beiges

Just about any conceivable tone and shade of beige is still going to be a hot colour to adorn in some way during the autumn and winter. Pantone named one in particular that grabbed our attention on the runaways and that was Vanilla Custard, a white-toned beige that had a soft elegance. Now, although we don’t have anything strictly in Vanilla Custard, we do have a few beige options.

Our favourite though, is probably the Lecerf Ladies Leather Purse.

It’s actually in a brown and beige mix and features a zip around design with a loop and popper fastening to keep it secure. Although it has that striped design, the inside is a nice soft beige, so you’d not be too far off the mark with this beauty. It has space for cards and money, so would work well as dress piece, but also equally as well as a functional, everyday use purse.

So, if you came here looking for inspiration, we hope we delivered. We’ve presented a few elegant and classy, some bold and brassy, options to keep you looking fashionable and trendy when the nights start to draw in during the autumn.