Bloom Into This Summer By Revamping Your Wardrobe

Bloom Into This Summer By Revamping Your Wardrobe

Summer is fast approaching, and many of us will start thinking about those long days filled with the sunshine, the great outdoors and cheeky drinks after work. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to you that a lot of women turn their attention to their wardrobe and style. After all, we can’t all live in baggy jumpers and boots when there are hot days to be enjoying. Shopping for summer is a lot of fun, but of course, you can risk going a little overboard and spending more money than you need to. However, I am here to tell you that you can revamp your style and your wardrobe this summer, with little effort and it is even friendly on your purse. Interested? Read on to find out more.


Think about a capsule wardrobe

Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? This is a new craze where you are more selective with the items you purchase, with the thought in mind of ensuring that each item can be mixed and matched with one another. Creating multiple outfit combinations with key pieces of clothing and accessories. This is a great way to revamp your wardrobe on a budget while taking a more minimalist approach to what you have in your possession. With summer firmly in our minds then it may be worth considering a few key pieces to get you through the warmer months. A floaty skirt, a maxi dress or a denim mini skirt are just some of the examples that could mix and match with alternative tops, shirts and jacket combinations. Some people choose to work through their wardrobe like this consistently, or you could apply this method for casual items or work attire if you prefer more choice for other occasions. The main principle is to choose colours, styles, and patterns that work well in a number of different ways.

Accessories can make an outfit

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror not able to shake the feeling that your outfit looks incomplete in some way? I guarantee that this will be solely down to your use of accessories. From your earrings and necklace choices to your bag and purse, accessories matter and can make an outfit. Here’s a quick run down of some of the best accessories that will transform your look this summer.


When else could you wear an extravagant hat, summer is when you can. Add something formal for a summer event like a day at the races or a wedding, or simply protect yourself while still looking good with a sun hat a day out. It can really change the way an outfit is presented.

Wombat Leather Hats 


More often than not in the summer you tend to grab your essentials, think mobile phone, your keys and the important purse. A purse can simply be all you need when it comes to cards, identification and change. Summer is all about a relaxed vibe so it’s not always essential to take out a huge bag. If you are thinking about a purse then check out some purse reviews online to ensure that you invest in something that is quality and long lasting. Another idea would be to use your purse as a chance to inject some colour into your style, this a smart leather purse in a bright shade as an example.


Prime Hide multi colour small trifold leather purse


Adapell fuchsia and purple leather purse


Summer is a great chance to change your jewellery collection a little. Maybe adding a few more statement pieces to enhance a simple vest top or shirt. There are some amazing statement necklaces on the highstreet that you can pick up.

Consider flexible pieces to transform a day outfit into an evening look

Thinking back along the lines of your capsule wardrobe, or at least choosing clothing that is flexible, summer can often put you in a position where you don’t have an opportunity to completely change your outfit. Has anyone else been invited out for evening drinks at the very last minute? This is why it’s important to be able to easily transform a day outfit into an evening look with minimal effort and time. Take a very simple skinny jeans, white shirt and ballet pumps day outfit. Perfect for working or day a trip out, but what about jazzing it up for an evening in ten minutes? Simply add a pair of heels, change your accessories and team with a smart jacket and you instantly have an evening look that will work well. Same can be said for a skirt and top combination, trousers and shirts if you have a more formal daytime look, they can all be transformed easily with the right accessories, a change of look, with minimal effort spent.

Step out of your comfort zone

We can all be a little guilty of playing it safe, can’t we? Sticking with skirt lengths we are comfortable with, or trousers that fit in a particular way, even colour choices can become the norm. But summer presents the perfect chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Celebrate your body and wear a skirt above the knee. Try a different cut in jeans or more tailored look on your top half. Sometimes doing things like this will open up other possibilities of outfit ideas and inspire you to be a little different. We can also be guilty of grabbing the same bag and purse, wearing the same necklace day in day out, even your accessories need a revamp from time to time.

Inject some colour into your wardrobe

If there was ever a time to inject some colour into your wardrobe, summer is it. Blue skies and the sunshine means you can rock the shocking pink, baby blue or whatever colour takes your fancy. But yet, so many of us are afraid of a little colour, worrying about our skin tone and hair colour clashing, or even whether or not certain colours flatter our body shapes. But colour is such a fantastic way to transform an outfit. Of course, it can be a little daunting to change your style completely, so a great tip is to add colour slowly. Either opt for a pastel shade or even choosing to inject colour in your accessories like your shoes, bags or purses. Adding some sophistication and colour to your wardrobe in one choice of accessory. Go on, add some colour to your wardrobe today and see the difference it can make.

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes

Let’s take a moment to discuss shoes. Some styles are quite simply made for the summer months. When else can you rock the sandals, flip flops or ballet flats and still look uber stylish? The great thing is that shoes can actually dress and outfit up or make it seem more casual, just by choosing the right pair. So whether you rock a pair of stiletto peep toes in the evening, or a lovely comfortable pair of sandals during the day, up your shoe game this summer.

Be practical with your choices

While we may be encouraging you to inject colour and try new things in your wardrobe, it’s also important to ensure that you remain practical with your choices. We all may have jobs to do with rules on workplace attire or even have our finances to keep in check. We can’t all be going on shopping sprees and completely replacing our wardrobe. So if you have the chance to revamp your wardrobe keep in mind your usual day to day routines to ensure you make good and practical decisions.

Add a new lease of life to older items

Finally, summer is a great opportunity to upcycle some of your older items in your wardrobe and give them a new lease of life. Perhaps fabric dying some old tops, or cutting down jeans to create shorts if they no long fit your leg properly. There are endless tutorials online if you don’t know where to start. Have a rummage in your drawers and see what you can find. You may also find much-loved items you have forgotten about, who knows what is lurking at the back of your wardrobe.

We at Just4leather hope this guide has provided you with inspiration and encouragement to revamp your wardrobe and style this summer.