J4L Best Buys Soft Leather backpacks and rucksacks

Date: 16-Jul-2014 - Written by Debbie Davies

Owning a soft leather bag is a very sensory experience: it's all about the smell, shine and softness. A soft leather bag represents quality and sophistication and is the perfect companion for a busy executive thanks to its durability and style.

Why choose a backpack

Backpacks are the smart choice for both the fashion-conscious and the posture-conscious. Backpacks and rucksacks allow for more freedom of movement and the load is distributed evenly across the shoulders and back. With J4L it's even easier to look effortlessly elegant: there's plenty of beautiful soft Italian leather backpacks to choose from.

Top 5 soft leather backpacks best buys

Here's a selection of 5 backpacks for both men and women, each with its unique style and features to suit any moment of your day.

1. Drift Gents Large Vintage Leather Rucksack


Made from gorgeous chocolate distressed leather, this every day rucksack is ideal for carrying items like gym gear, a lunch box or a tablet computer/small laptop. Its dimensions are 38 x 42 x 20 cm (W x H x D ).

Who is the Drift Gents Large Vintage Leather Rucksack perfect for?- The clue is in the name but this is an excellent rucksack for both men and women. It's masculine but with soft edges

2. Pellevera Luxury Italian Leather Backpack style 4030


This is a luxury leather backpack with front pockets which are perfect for keeping keys and small items within easy reach. This compact rucksack is deceivingly small but very spacious, measuring 37 x 30 x 17 cms (W x H x D). It can hold a tablet and every day items. It comes in black and brown.

Who is the Pellevera Luxury Italian Black Leather Backpack style 4030 perfect for?  -  This is a very feminine backpack that looks like a handbag made with top grain leather.

3. Conti of Tuscany Atomium Brown Italian Leather Backpack


This men's backpack is made from Italian leather which has been vegetable tanned. Vegetable tanning is an ancient tradition in leather processing using vegetable fibres and is considered to be one of the most environmentally-friendly. This is a medium-sized bag measuring 28.7 x 36 x 10 cm (W x H x D). It comes in brown.

Who is the Conti of Tuscany Atomium Brown Italian Leather Backpack perfect for? - Sturdy and solid, this backpack is masculinity personified: it has strong lines and plenty of neatly organised compartments including a pocket with card slots and pen holders. It is also suitable for women who want to take a streamlined and elegant backpack to the office.

4. Dimitri Leather Reunion Luxury Brown Leather Rucksack


This beautiful rucksack made with the finest calfskin leather is rather spacious, measuring at 26 x 31 x 13.5 cm (W x H x D). It comes with one external pourch pocket and it can hold plenty of every day items. This bag comes in dark brown and beige.

Who is the Dimitri Leather Reunion Luxury Brown Leather Rucksack perfect for? Channel your inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft with this sturdy calf skin leather rucksack.

5. Prime Hide Soft Leather Backpack - Style 908


Soft and lightweight, this leather backpack has plenty of zipped pockets to store items like your phone and other essentials within easy reach. It comes in brown, black and tan. Who is the Prime Hide Soft  Leather Backpack - Style 908 perfect for? Streamlined and elegant, this is a unisex backpack to suit many situations.

My Personal Favourite – Bonus choice: Kenneth Brownne Ladies Small Fuchsia Hands down, the rucksack I would pick for myself is the Kenneth Brownne Ladies Small Fuchsia backpack. It's a womanly bag, not girly, and extremely stylish.



Whatever your style check out our complete range of leather backpacks


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