A Short Guide to Men's Fashion Accessories: Safely Travelling in Style

Gone are the days when bum bags were the only option for keeping valuable possessions safe while traveling. Just4Leather offers a variety of elegantly stylish accessories that are so durable they can withstand a whirlwind adventure around the globe and still last for many years to come. These accessories also offer an additional level of protection to keep your valuable items secure, allowing you to explore the intoxicating wonders of the world with peace of mind.

Passport Wallet

Protecting your passport should be your top priority while traveling across international borders. Without it, you will be denied entry into other countries and you may even be prevented from returning to your home country.
Ensure your passport is secure with a specially designed wallet that keeps your information protected, yet is easily accessible when you really need it. Crafted of premium waterproof leather, this inconspicuous Prime Hide passport wallet also provides four credit card storage slots and a large pocket for concealing notes, traveler’s cheques, tickets and receipts.

Shoulder Holster Wallet

Traditional pocket wallets are not only easy targets for thieves, but they are so uncomfortable to sit on that most travelers end up tossing their most valuable possessions into unattended bags. Men find the discreet shoulder holster wallet a perfect traveling companion because it allows you to comfortably keep your most important documents and devices tucked close to your body.
Crafted from quality hide leather, this unique wallet is roomy enough to store your passport holder, cell phone and iPod. It also includes a handy rear zippered pocket that can hold a small travel guide, map, timetable or conversation book. The expandable elastic strap is designed to pass across the chest, while the bottom of the manbag has a popper clip that attaches to the belt.

Toiletry Bag

Also known as a Dopp Kit, men’s leather toiletry bags were originally invented in the early 1900s, but they didn’t became popular until War World II when young American soldiers adopted the bag as a way to ensure their personal supplies stayed safe while traversing some of the harshest terrain.

If you are the kind of man who likes every item to have a place, you will appreciate this spacious toiletry bag from Prime Hide, which includes a front zipped pocket, two top zipped sections and a side handle. This fully lined, waterproof manbag is crafted from luxuriously soft, yet hardy, vegetable tanned hide leather, an ancient technique produced by using tannins from natural materials, such as the bark from chestnut and oak trees.

Whatever bag you are looking for check out our range of leather travel bags and pouches - you are bound to find that perfect one..