5 Men's Stocking Fillers

Here at Just4Leather we know how hard it can be to find gifts for the ones you love.  So, we've made it our mission to provide you with all the inspiration we can to help fill those all important stockings. Here are are a few small and inexpensive leather gifts that are bound to put a smile on your man's face this Christmas.


1. A leather wallet

Leather wallets are an extremely useful, thoughtful and affordable gift for male friends and family members. Everyone needs a wallet, so unlike that pair of novelty socks you were thinking of giving it won't end up discarded in a drawer somewhere. Plus, every time your dad, brother or partner uses it, he'll think of you. Check out our Just4Leather wallets catalogue for some beautiful leather wallets from less than a tenner!


3. A leather gadget cover

Rarely do we leave the house without our precious technology, so it's important to keep our gadgets both protected and looking stylish. Perhaps the special man in your life has asked for an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Kindle for Christmas or perhaps he already owns one. In both cases, he's going to need one of our sleek leather cases by Prime Hide. You can view the whole range here.


4. A leather passport holder

Is your friend or family member a frequent flyer? Why not treat them to a smart leather passport cover. It will keep his passport looking clean and fresh no matter how many times he flies around the globe. Basic leather passport covers are available from £8.99 but Saffron Hill's patriotic union jack designs for £19.99 are a personal favourite.

 5. A leather keyholder 

A leather keyholder is another small and affordable, yet useful gift for the super organised amongst us. Keys fit neatly inside and prevent phone screens and other gadgets from becoming scratched whilst in a bag or pocket. View our range from 1642 Lichfield here.


These are just a few of the many possibilites on our website. I know I can think of a lot more! Just have a browse by product type, brand, colour or price and see what takes your fancy. There's bound to be something the special man in your life will love. Happy Shopping!