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  • Product of the Week - Dimitri Leather Patterned Saddle Bag

    Product of the Week - Dimitri Leather Patterned Saddle Bag

    SS15 Saddle Bag - Dimitri Patterned Saddle Bag - Flower Circle

  • So what are the top items every man should invest in?

    It is often said that a man should invest in a well-fitting suit and a good quality pair of dress shoes. These standard investment pieces are well understood; they both reward extra spending and are seen as the pinnacle of a man’s serious wardrobe. But are they really worth it? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t invest in a luxury suit and matching shoes, but if you’re strapped for cash, there are much more efficient ways of investing your money.

    When you meet a man who you consider well dressed, what strikes you? Undoubtedly those things we’ve already mentioned – but not just that. If a man had only a nice suit you would think, “he has a nice suit”. The step between appreciation of what he is wearing and how he dresses is made when you consider all angles. It may sound obvious, but detail counts. A nice suit, a nice belt, a nice shirt. Then the next time you see him; nice watch, nice sunglasses, nice shorts… That gives the impression a lot of us want to give. That consistenc

  • J4L: Product of the week! Wombat Backpack

    J4L: Product of the week! Wombat Backpack

    This week’s product of the week is our very own Wombat Luxury Soft Oiled Leather Backpack.

  • 4 ways to smarten up your image for 2015

    New year, new you. First impressions always count so no matter how intelligent or capable you are, looking smart may well seal the deal on that job offer or new business deal you've been hoping for.