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  • 5 Men's Stocking Fillers

    Here at Just4Leather we know how hard it can be to find gifts for the ones you love.  So, we've made it our mission to provide you with all the inspiration we can to help fill those all important stockings. Here are are a few small and inexpensive leather gifts that are bound to put a smile on your man's face this Christmas.


    1. A leather wallet

    Leather wallets are an extremely useful, thoughtful and affordable gift for male friends and family members. Everyone needs a wallet, so unlike that pair of novelty socks you were thinking of giving it won't end up discarded in a drawer somewhere. Plus, every time your dad, brother or partner uses it, he'll think of you. Check out our Just4Leather

  • Hooray for the Gladstone Bag

    Hooray for the Gladstone Bag
    Once the gentleman's working companion, the Gladstone bag or doctor's bag has now become one of the most popular women's accessories of the moment. Beyond the androgynous menswear trend that's been dominating the catwalks for the last few years now, the Gladstone bag is a classic, functional and elegant piece. If there's one handbag style worth investing in this year, it's the Gladstone bag.


    Most of us women carry around our entire lives within a few strips of leather which have gradually getting larger and larger! It seems we just cannot leave the house without spare toiletries, various technological devices or even a spare pair of shoes if our feet start to hurt. This makes the oversized, box-shaped Gladstone bag a welcome accessory for any busy woman. More than just another statement accessory, the Gladstone bag is practical, structured bag that can accommodate all the things that a modern

  • Protection for Your Gadgets- iPad, Mobile and Netbooks

    Protection for Your Gadgets- iPad, Mobile and Netbooks

    Protection for Your Gadgets- iPad, Mobile and Netbooks

    Electronics are always on the top of Christmas wish lists. There's always a new phone, tablet, or notebook that's on the market. Some can be pricey while others can be purchased at bargain rates. Despite the cost, these technologically advanced gadgets deserve some form of protection - right?