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​ Designer Leather Purses and Bags – A Girl’s Best Friend

Accessories are a girl’s best friend and if you are in the market for something new, Just4Leather you will find a selection of high-quality designer leather purses and bags.

​ Purses You Need to Consider for the Autumn/Winter Season 2018

Looking for a great new purse for the autumn and winter season this year? Check out our guide to some fine leather purses.

​ J4L: Choosing the Perfect Leather Purse

When it comes to purses, you can choose from all sorts of designs, colours, styles, and materials these days, and one of the most popular is the leather purse.

Nevaeh Heavenly Accessories Leather Purses

Are you looking for the perfect blend of elegance and function when it comes to finding the ideal purse? Then the Nevaeh range is perfect for you.

Put A Spring In Your Step With A New Womens Leather Purse

We’re just as excited about the arrival of spring as you are. Not only does it create a better atmosphere outside but it also signals the arrival of exciting new ranges and products

Men's Leather Wallets Made For Every Occasion

If there’s one thing that most men will always appreciate as a present it is a men’s leather wallet.

Treat Yourself to Mens Leather Wallet for This Spring

To help you get spring started in the right way, we have a fantastic new brand called Branco, which combines classic elegance with timeless style.

Choose The Right Men's Wallet To Suit Your Lifestyle

There are wide range of men’s leather wallets available and it’s not always easy finding the right one to suit your needs.


It goes without saying that a wallet is another of those items that speaks volumes about your personality

J4L : You'll always be a winner with a wallet

It's an indispensable accessory for the modern man, so be sure it's one you can take out of your pocket with pride

Stand Out With a Luxurious Italian Leather Wallet

Italian leather has a world renowned reputation that stretches back hundreds of years and it is held in high esteem for good reason

Gorgeous Leather Purses To See You Through Autumn

The start of autumn doesn’t just signify nature going through a season of change but for us it also means the perfect chance to look at our wardrobe and start afresh.

Leather Wallets For The Dapper Dan Autumn Man

Having a sharp suit is one thing, but how you wear one is what separates the men from the boys

Colour Blocking Leather Purses for The Summer

When colour blocking announced its return at the turn of the last decade, who would’ve thought it would remain part of the fashion vernacular for so long?

The New London RFID Purse Collection

This vibrant and colourful purse range has a timeless and old school edge, making it truly one of a kind. All purses are RFID safe

J4l: Buyers Guide – Getting The Right Purse For You

Ultimate buying guide, revealing some top tips on getting the right Leather Purse

J4L - How have purses changed over time?

The purses we all know and love today have evolved greatly over the past few decades to fit in with modern lifestyles, trends and dangers.

J4L Purses: Bright, Breezy And Yours!

Summer is here and it's time to lose the layers and bring out the bright and attractive summery colours

Ladies, do you stuggle with too many cards?

It's not just debit and credit cards we have to carry in our purse these days. My purse is always fit to burst with store cards,

New to J4L: Hautton Luxury Men's Leather Wallets

leather wallets from this exceptional range, which offers a contemporary look in traditional, fine, 100% genuine leather.

Declutter your wallet for 2015

New Year is a great time to start afresh so make keeping your wallet neat and tidy one of your resolutions. Read a few of our top tips for a streamlined wallet here.

RFID Blocking Wallets - ARE Your Cards Safe Enough.?

In a society that demands financial security and risk awareness, shielding the contents of your wallet is of paramount importance

J4L: Wallet Fashion Tips

The wallet is an essential fashion item that every man owns yet for some unknown reason, so many seem to get it wrong

Prime Hide purses - an ideal gift for women

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift or that perfect present, you can't go wrong with a Leather Purse from Prime Hide

J4L: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Purse

Here is everything you need to know about choosing the perfect ladies’ purse.

Bestselling Men's Leather Wallets

Are there real benefits in owning adecent wallet..?

J4L: Genuine Ostrich Leather Wallet – Electric Blue

Often when it comes to wallets we’re forced into a Henry Ford-esque world where we can have any colour we want as long as it’s black

Autumn Colour Trend: Burgundy and Tan Leather Wallets

A switch to burgundy or tan for the new season will leave you looking modern and individual.

Top 20 ladies' leather purses for under £20

Looking for style, quality and value for money? Check out our range of beautiful leather purses for women for under £20.

J4L Review: Tony Perotti Ladies Large Luxury Leather Purse

This purse from Italian accessories designer, Tony Perotti has a sleek and simple aesthetic with soft feminine lines

Why Don't Mens Wallets Have a Coin Compartment?

Many of my female friends have asked me why it is that most men's wallets don't have a coin compartment.

Match the celebrity to their wallet

At Just4Leather we've been wondering, if our favourite celebrities bought one of our leather wallets for men, which one they'd go for.?

What is the best kind of wallet for taking on holiday?

If you're heading off on holiday this summer, you might want to consider taking a different wallet to your usual everyday one

Have a Little Extra in Your Handbag – Exotic Purses for the New Season

This winter season vibrant colours and chunky bags are all the rage but that doesn’t mean you should forget your little friend the purse

What does your wallet say about you?

Is your wallet looking tired and disorganised?

Lecerf Ladies Leather Purse - Puzzle Design Blue

The fun puzzle design of this purse makes a real style statement and is ideal for those who love to express their creative side

Fall Fashion: Purses

The multicoloured leaves are falling, and here at J4L we’ve got a wide selection of pretty purses that will enhance any autumn look.

Tips For Buying Ladies leather Purses

Faced with such a selection choosing the right one can be daunting so check out our latest guide

Ladies' Summer Purses Come with a Splash of Colour

Whether you need a stylish purse to drop in your handbag or want something eye-catching to take along on a hot night of clubbing, this summer’s collection is popping with vivacious colours

What purse should I take on holiday?

Your purse is probably bursting to the brim with cards, receipts and various other nick nacks. But do you really want to take all of that on holiday.?

Trends in leather wallets for men

Trends in leather wallets for men here's what to look out for this year

Great Men's Wallet Styles for 2013

It's all about rugged individualism in men's wallets this season, and nothing highlights that better than wallets from Tavecchi and Lecerf.

Ladies' Purse Styles Explained

Trifold, double flap, matinee....struggling to decipher what all these different terms mean. We give you the lowdown on the different styles of ladies’ purses helping you to make the right choice for your individual needs.

What is a matinee purse?

Whilst browsing for a new purse on the internet you will inevitably come across lots of different styles. For some, names such as double-flap or tri-fold are pretty much self explanatory but you may be wondering what a matinee purse is and how it differs from other styles available. Find out more here.