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J4L - Dressing for a wedding – ceremony abroad

By savvy shopping and some selective picks, you can save some spending money and ensure that you’re the most stylish on the beach!

J4L: Holdall maintenance tips

Here’s our guide to keeping you holdall looking in tiptop condition.

Declutter your wallet for 2015

New Year is a great time to start afresh so make keeping your wallet neat and tidy one of your resolutions. Read a few of our top tips for a streamlined wallet here.

What kind of bag should I take on holiday?

If you're heading off on holiday this summer you may be wondering what kind of bag you should take to use during the day

MEN - How to Colour Coordinate Your Wardrobe

Before you can coordinate an outfit, it is important to know a little about the meaning of colours

How to protect your back while still looking stylish

The dangers of shoulder bags and the effect that overloaded handbags can have on the lower back

How to repair scratches and tears in your favourite leather accessories

J4L guide on how to repair your leather accessories.

J4L: Holdall style tips for men

The sleek lines of the leather holdall make for a very classy look

Tips for avoiding a wallet theft holiday disaster

When you plan and look forward to your holiday for such a long time, being pick-pocketed or having your room broken into can ruin the whole trip.

Tips For Buying Ladies leather Purses

Faced with such a selection choosing the right one can be daunting so check out our latest guide

Power Packing: Tips for making a small holdall or overnight bag work for a week away

So we make list after detailed list of every item we're going to have to pack - Do we really need all this stuff...!!

How to care for a suede leather bush hat

Suede it is not as durable as full-grain leather and needs extra care. Here's our guide for caring for suede hats.

The benefits of a waterproofing primer

Leather is one of the most durable materials we wear. It's made to take a beating and that kind of durability will often cost you. That being said, nothing damages leather quite like water so protect your leather bags and holdalls with a waterproofing primer.

How to care for your leather items

Whether it's your wallet, belt or bag, proper care will prolong the life of your leather. The natural fibers will eventually break down with time, so some maintenance is necessary.