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The Evolution of The Leather Satchel

A leather satchel the item that would win the admiration of everyone from a Roman emperor to the Bard himself:

Bag to the Future

Do you remember the days when men’s fashion was barely given a moment’s thought? Hopefully you’re not old enough to have experienced those dark, awful, lonely days for yourself.

The perfect bag for any commute, holiday or weekend getaway

Nobody's going to call it a "manbag" if it looks goods. A bit sportier than luggage and way cooler than your old man's briefcase

Which Backpack - Rucksack to Take With You on Your Year Out

Taking a year out.? we have put together a list of the best rucksacks and backpacks to take with you

Find Your Men's Perfect Leather Bag with J4L

The world has changed in that regard and the evolution of male fashion is a by-product of how interconnected the world has become, making style more accessible and cheaper to purchase.

Maintain The Industrial and Urban Look With Our Vintage Rustic Leather bags

The great thing about vintage is, it never gets old! The resurgence of vintage fashion in the past 5 or 6 years means that what we once thought of as out of date items suddenly find an exciting new lease of life

How to choose the perfect bag for any festival this year

You’ve chosen the festival you are going to? You’ve booked the tickets? Now find the perfect bag.

Best Leather Laptop Bags for Students starting University

We look at the most practical, affordable solutions whilst bearing in mind you are working on a student budget.

Fashion & style inspiration from your favourite Celebrities

Fashions come and go, but some celebrities manage to look effortlessly stylish no matter how many different trends are in the high street

When it comes to men, it’s all in the bag…

Accessories speak volumes about our unique personality traits and the image we choose to present to the world. We’ve brought together seven of the most popular man-bag styles so that you can discover what your personal favourite reveals about you

Guys! Avoid These Classic Mistakes With Your Bag

So you’ve got that cracking tweed blazer, that swish brown leather belt, and those handsome looking brogues, but you’ve only gone and spoiled the whole outfit by completely misjudging your bag

Industrial & urban the New Vintage Rustic Range

Industrial & urban the Vintage Rustic range does all the styling work for you! Specifically designed with portable tech in mind

BRAND OF THE WEEK - DUDU BAGS, Colourful Collection

The Dudu bags Colourful Collection offers 5 styles across a total of 30 colour options.

BRAND OF THE WEEK - DUDU BAGS, Fashion Collection

DUDU BAGS collection ranges from really gorgeous timeless vintage leather bags, to classic bags for the office,

The Perfect Summer Bags

Freshen up your summer wardrobe with bright colourful crossbody bags

The Leather Holdall - The Most Versatile of Bags

A stylish leather holdall is a very versatile item, it can be used for multitude of occasions

The Gladstone: Traveling in Style

One of the things you have to give the Victorians credit for is knowing how to travel in style.

The Leather Rucksack is here to stay!

These timeless, hard-wearing bags offer a more practical, comfortable and masculine alternative to other "Manbags".

Back to School Bags from Just4Leather

here are a few of the most fashionable book bags for September 2015

J4L: Guide to Mens Bags

In the past only women used to regularly carry a handbag but with the needs of the modern man constantly evolving, the ‘manbag’ has become a global phenomenon

This season's most stylish leather backpacks and rucksacks

Students - The fantastic thing about leather rucksacks is that they are extremely practical as well as being stylish and on-trend

What Does Your Laptop Bag Say About You?

laptop and business bags say something different about your personality. Which one are you...?

Leather Backpacks - Styles, Trends and Colours

One of the hottest holdalls isn't a hand-held bag at all, it's a functional leather backpack

Bags for the serious student

Starting a new phase in education is exciting and nerve wracking so arrive with the right kind of bag on your shoulder

Laurige Ladies Leather Bags Mean Business

Make that first impression - Original, beautiful and practical Laurige classics are working wardrobe essentials,

Carry your gadgets in style

Once you've paid all that money for your electronic gadgets Why not keep them scratch-free with a stylish leather case?

Men's Fashion: The Rucksack is making a comeback

Recently messenger bags, satchels and leather manbags have proven to be very popular but now the backpack too is making a comeback.

Bags of Style - Leather Holdalls for Men

You can never beat a good old-fashioned holdall in the style stakes, you should be thinking spontaneity, adventure and style.

Forget Everything You Knew About Designer Leather Bags!

Designer leather bags can never be out of fashion, no matter the year or prevailing trends!

The fisherman’s friends- J4L Leather accessories for Fishermen.

There are certain things that all fishermen will need so we have chosen a selection of our leather accessories a must for all fishing trips

Lecerf Thick Canvas & Spanish Leather Cross Body Bag

Utilitarian-style canvas and leather men's bag from Lecerf

Fall Fashion: Beautiful Bags

Here is our pick of the five best J4L bags for this seasons Autumn Style.:

How to tell a woman by her handbag

Have you ever wondered what your handbag says about you?

Just4leather Just4 Messenger Bags

In recent years, messenger bags have become extremely popular - A huge fashion accessory loved by both men and women

Ladies, what does the colour of your laptop bag say about you?

Do you always find yourself drawn to the same colour bags? Well, your penchant for a particular colour may just reveal a side of your personality you weren't aware you were displaying

Lecerf Mens Spanish leather bags

Lecerf Spanish leather bags - made from lovely thick oiled leather - great bags for men stylish and very practical.

Functional Men's Fashion from Prime Hide

The leather backpack is a sturdy male companion. The must-have bag for 2013!

Short guide to choosing a manbag

Do your way of life and sense of style all influence your choice of bag...???

This Season's Trends in Leather Business Bags and Leather Briefcases

Leather briefcases and holdalls have timeless appeal, but when they also incorporate design elements from the latest fashion trends, they become even more of a must-have

Guide to choosing a laptop bag

The most important thing to consider when choosing a new laptop bag is to make sure it fits your laptop

I hate man bags

I hate the word ‘man bag'. I cringe every time I see or hear it, and seeing as I’m part of a business that sells leather man bags..!

Leather cross body bags: what kind of a cross body girl are you?

With various holidays and festivals ahead of us, you'd be silly not to invest in a stylish cross body bag this summer.

Choosing the Perfect Business Bag

In today's world of fashion, trends seem to influence even the most professional of business people. Having a fashionable yet professional business bag is a must for any business minded individual

Fashion Flashback: Mini Backpacks

The mini backpack is making it's big fashion comeback.

J4L: 3 interview-ready bags from Laurige

For women looking to finish off their interview outfit with a stylish bag that speaks of success, Laurige is the ideal place to start

Laurige: Ladurée colours that you can enjoy every day

Remind yourself of Ladurée 's iconic Parisian confections with a chic Laurige business bag?

Leather Laptop Bags For Today's Business Women

Whether you need a great carry all as you flit around town from meeting to meeting all day or just need a great steady for your daily commute Our guide to Ladies bags

The best cross body bags for hot weather

You don’t wear a bag, you carry it, so what difference does it make?

What Should Men Look for When shopping for a Leather Briefcase?

What should men look for when they shop for a new briefcase? Is it the quality, a well known brand or the functionality..?

Is your handbag weighing you down?

Whether you're a full-time professional or a stay-at-home mum, you've undoubtedly noticed how our handbags seem to accumulate all the detritus of our everyday lives. So here are a few tips for keeping your handbag as smart on the inside as it is on the outside.

The Work Bag

When it comes to a work bag you want it to be versatile, adaptable and most of all, durable. And sure, you want it to look good too. It's a piece you'll use every day and so it's worth investing some real money in. Here are a few things to keep in mind, along with a few of our favorite styles.

Office Style Guide

As a working man, carrying a modern business bag to work, as opposed to that old briefcase you found in your grandad's attic, here's our guide to choosing the right leather accessories to show you mean business.

Protection for Your Gadgets- iPad, Mobile and Netbooks

Electronics are always on the top of Christmas wish lists. There's always a new phone, tablet, or notebook that's on the market. Some can be pricey while others can be purchased at bargain rates. Despite the cost, these technologically advanced gadgets deserve some form of protection - right?