Rogue has been a trusted purveyor of leather hats, belts and bags since 1974. Rogue’s high quality leather goods are designed and made in South Africa by skilled craftsmen from the finest materials. As they are designed for the harsh conditions of the South African bush, Rogue leather hats and bags will certainly stand the test of time. The use of only the best materials, the attention to detail and the distinctive South African style allow Rogue to provide leather accessories are not only stylish but also comfortable, practical and extremely hard wearing.

Rogue range

Rogue Leather Bags

Rogue Leather Bags Very rugged hand made from buffalo and full grain leathers in South Africa. Old solder style full grain thick leather and even thicker real buffalo hide bags - look so special and will last a lifetime

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Rogue Leather hats

Rogue Leather Hats Rugged, stylish, fully functional are just three words to describe Rogue hats - handmade in South African form local leather sources - truly a leather bush hat - choose from Nubuck leather, suede and breezy suede/ mesh styles

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Rogue Men's Leather Belts

Rugged, stylish, tough best describe Rogue mens belts  hats - handmade in South African form local leather sources -belts to last

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