Piquardo Leather

Piquadro specialises in innovative business bags and accessories, which are distinguished by high degree of functionality and which, through their performing and recognizable design, express all the originality and elegance of Italian style. Piquadro in an Italian company and brand. This explains the quality of the leather and the sensitivity to design. It explains its passion, its creativity and its sense of style, which is informal yet professional. The spirit of Piquadro products is in the concept which inspires the design of each and every item –‘tech inside’. But for Piquadro, functionality goes beyond holding high-tech accessories and touches on all aspects of the product: new materials, new tests in order to verify their reliability and new internal organizational solutions in order to continually make the items more convenient and useful for every day life. The materials, construction and functionality are such that Piquadro products are of professional quality and reliability. A Piquadro bag is an intelligent accessory. Professional life keep getting busier and more hectic . Piquadro gives you a hand in tackling it: engineered for business.

Piquardo Leather range

Gorgeous Soft Italian leather holdalls,briefcases and leather messenger bags from Piquadro Vibe and Pulse collections

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