Pellevera Italian leather

Pellevera, Italian for 'real leather', is a relatively young company that is dedicated to creating simple and practical products of the highest quality using traditional artisan production methods.


From its workshops in Florence, Tuscany, Pellevera designs and produces travel luggage, briefcases, document wallets and bags using only the finest quality Italian leather. Pellevera draws on the rich heritage of leather tanning and design in the Tuscan area of Italy to handcraft simple, usable designs with superb accuracy and attention to detail.

Pellevera Italian leather range

Pellevera Leather Holdalls

Pellevera Leather Holdalls | Pellevera Leather Travel Bags Pellevera for a great range of leather holdalls and leather business bags all made from gorgeous Italian leather a must for every traveller

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Pellevera Leather bags an Leather backpacks

Pellervera Leather Backpacks | Pellevera Leather Bags Pellevera for a great range of leather backpacks and leather bags all handmade from gorgeous Italian leather

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